Zomato launches new app ‘Order’, makes order tracking easy

Zomato launches new app ‘Order’, makes order tracking easy

Zomato launches new app ‘Order’, makes order tracking easy 

Zomato has become a big player in the market and this is the reason that a small chance in its app or a new app makes headlines far and wide. For many restaurants, a simple change may create havoc.

As recently as last month the company came out with online ordering support but it seems that was not enough. This is the reason that the company has come out with a new app called Zomato Order. The good thing is that Zomato has launched app simultaneously for iOS and Android.

The app makes ordering any product very simple. The new app takes the ordering functionality that Zomato introduced, and puts it in a different package with the same options. Reports suggest that nothing has changed and the only change visible is in its color scheme. I am not sure as to why the company launched the new app.

Zomato says that it has changed the app due to at least three reasons. The first reason is the fact that the focus on a single function will allow Zomato to improve the user experience and create a clutter free app. It also says that the new app makes tracking the order all the more easy.

The company goes on to add that as the new app is completely separate, it implies that Zomato Order will not have to be updated every time the Zomato restaurant finder has a small change. Nonetheless both the apps will be linked to each other to give a seamless experience to users.

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