Yemen’s Houthis fail to seize Aden – coalition spokesman

Yemen’s Houthis fail to seize Aden – coalition spokesman

Yemen’s Houthis fail to seize Aden – coalition spokesman

RIYADH: Yemen’s Houthi militias failed to seize Aden city, but they are trying to take over one or two districts in the southern province, a coalition spokesman asserted.

Houthi militants were present in the city before the start of the Saudi-led military operations in Yemen, Brigadier General Ahmad Asiri said on Thursday, adding they are trying, in failed attempts, to take over some governmental centers inside the city.

The Saudi grounds troops are combing borders with Yemen and dealing with isolated attempts of Houthis, he said, adding a ground operation in Yemen is possible, if necessary.

“The coalition forces are carrying operations as planned,” he said.

He reviewed some operations that targeted a Houthi camp today in Saada in northern Yemen as well as sites of air defense in Hodeidah, affirming that the air and naval forces of coalition are now in full control over Yemen’s air and sea ports.

Forces loyal to the legitimacy seized fully the cities of Shabwa and Ad Dali’, and are chasing remnants of Houthis in several areas, Asiri made clear.

The coalition forces can never target neither civilians nor the camps of refugees as they are very keen on the protection of citizens, but Houthis strike residential areas, he affirmed.

The spokesman stated that the legitimate government can ask for an international panel to check who behind the deaths of civilians. Both ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh and the Houthis are trying to take over power from the country’s legitimate President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi.

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