Yemeni tribesmen free German hostage

Yemeni tribesmen free German hostage

SANAA: Rudiger Schwidt, a German who was kidnapped by gunmen from Al Hridan tribe in Maarib province, to the east of Sanaa, in early February, has been freed on Tuesday, the Ministry of Interior announced this evening.

The man, in his 60s, has been airlifted by a helicopter from Maarib to the headquarters of the Ministry where he was received by security leaders and representatives of the German Embassy.

His release crowned the concerted efforts made by the security services, Governor of Al-Jawf Mohammad bin Abboud and tribal headmen, notably Sheikh Ali Awadh Muthanna, according to a statement by the Ministry.

Several foreigners, including a US journalist, a Sierra Leonean expert, and an Iranian and a Saudi diplomats, have been held hostage in Yemen for over six months now.

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