Yellowstone supervolcano eruption 2015: In case of eruption ash will enter jet stream crippling air travel

Yellowstone supervolcano eruption 2015: In case of eruption ash will enter jet stream crippling air travel

Yellowstone supervolcano eruption 2015: In case of eruption ash will enter jet stream crippling air travel

Yellowstone supervolcano sitting under Yellowstone National Park has remained a topic of discussion for decades or rather even longer. It is one of the most feared supervolcanoes in Norht America, and given its size, seismologists have always wondered as to how much impact it will make across the region if it was to erupt.

This place is constantly under watch. Scientists at the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory at the University of Utah keep a round-the-clock watch on this massive supervolcano and a regular analysis of ground movements and earthquake activity.

For decades, seismologists have taken regular reading of the frequent earthquakes happening in and around Yellowstone National Park. They have claimed on many occasions that earthquakes can be indicators as to when the next supervolcanic eruption would occur.Yellowstone National Park Hot Springs were blue not multicolor

Earthquakes of even light intensity are analyzed seriously to find out their impact on the massive amount of magma that has built in underground chambers of the supervolcano.

So this was no surprise when an earthquake of just 3 intensity on Richter scale forced them to get serious. There was a sort of panic across the Yellowstone National Park that subsided when it was realized that the data by the Yellowstone observatory was incorrect. There is no denying the fact that the panic button that they were set to press was only natural due to the fact that the super volcano will bring unimaginable destruction in and around the Yellowstone National Park area. While talking about the development, Lee Whittlesey, the Yellowstone National Park historian says that the data from Yellowstone observatory was not correct and that forthcoming doom being forecast was a sad case of public misinformation.

The panic that caused unease among officials may be due to the fact that the Yellowstone supervolcano has become somewhat of a staple among the apocalypse-forecasting crowd. The panic was probably caused when May 18, 2015, two earthquakes struck the Wyoming and Idaho area right under the massive magma chamber of the Yellowstone supervolcano.

Researchers have talked about the impact of any eruption at the Yellowstone. Dr Bob Smith believes a supervolcano eruption under Yellowstone would cover the western U.S with ash that would also enter the jet stream potentially crippling air travel and the world’s food supply. “The actual hazard is the same, but now we have a much better understanding of the complete crustal magma system,” says he.

Researchers are of the opinion that the overwhelming bulk of their magma cavities comprise scorching — yet solid — rock, which is hollow, like sponges, and filled with pockets of liquefied rock. An eruption in the next few thousand years is extremely unlikely, the USGS says. The Utah scientists put the yearly chance at 1 in 700,000 — about the odds that you will be struck by lightning. Nonetheless despite the low chance of eruption, it remains the most talked about issue among seismologists and others in the US.

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