Xiaomi to start making phones in India from next year

Xiaomi to start making phones in India from next year

Xiaomi to start making phones in India from next year

Xiaomi Redmi 1S was a huge hit in the Indian market. It was the first handset in this price band to come with 8 mega pixel camera, such an impressive processor, high quality display and a handset that looked sturdy and well-built.

This was the reason that it became an overnight sensation across the country. The handset, first from the Chinese smartphone giant to be launched in the Indian market, was sold out every time it was put on flash sale on Flipkart. The longest time it took to be sold out was 8 seconds. On all other occasions it was sold out from 2 to five minutes.

Now the company is all set to start selling the next generation device before the end of the month and no one has any iota of doubt about it being even bigger success than the last version of the handset.

xiaomi-redmi-2 picsIt is needless to say that the Redmi 2 is one of the ebst devices n the price band of less than Rs 10000 in the Indian market. Redmi 2 according to the company is better than its predecessor in every way. From March 24 onwards the handset will be available in the Indian market.

The new version of Redmi is not just lighter than the predecessor, it is also slimmer. The handset also comes with a matte finish white back, which feels very comfortable enabling trouble-free ergonomics. Besides, the handset’s plastic back also has a frosted finish and there are some people who claim that the new device’s look is very similar to Nokia Lumia 620.

The new version not just looks and feels better it is better in almost all the aspects. The handset is going to compete with the likes of Moto E with 4G and Lenovo A6000This 4G in the Indian market in the days to come. The handset is markedly improved over its previous version. It is not just a 4G handset but comes with better processor too. The Redmi 2S handset is powered by the 64-bit 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 410 processor, while Redmi 1S comes with the 1.6GHz quad-core Snapdragon 400 chipset. The rear camera is slightly improved compared to its predecessor. The previous version came with 1.6MP front facing camera, and now the front has 2MP camera.

The new version’s battery too will last longer. The battery too is better than the previous version. The new version has 2,200mAh battery compared to 2,000mAh of Redmi 1S. In the meantime the new version comes with QuickCharge 1.0 technology for faster battery charging. Xiaomi Redmi 2S will be coming with Android 4.4-based MIUI 6.0 software. The handset comes with 4.7-inch HD display, with DragonTrail glass, 8GB internal storage, up to 32GB microSD card support, 1GB RAM and many connectivity options.

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