Windows Phone 7.8 found on a leaked Lumia 510; major features


    It is going to be the last update. Windows Phone 7.8 has been found on a leaked Lumia 510 handset. Here are major features

    With Windows Phone 7.8 release date is nearing up, rumors are galore about the slight firmware update from Microsoft. Plenty sources have already fed us with spicy rumors about the firmware, which is meant for lower spec’ed and Windows Phone 8 incompatible devices. Well, some sources have recently leaked a low-end Lumia 510 running the new firmware. It has unleashed a few major features of the imminent Window Phone update.

    Lumia 510 looks like an upgrade of sorts to the last year’s bottom end Lumia model, the 710. The handset evidently shows up a 4-inch WVGA display, an 800MHz processor and 4GB of internal memory. It is hoped that the Lumia 510 would debut in the U.K. quicker. Anyway, what is great is that the leaked handset has divulged some important details about the upcoming Windows Phone 7.8.

    Windows Phone 7.8; Expected Features
    Yes, with the release of the leaked Lumia 510, folks over at have invited the tech world’s attention to the features of Windows Phone 7.8. It is expected that the slight Windows update will provide features like resizable tiles, MS Office, Xbox Games, Stores and many others. The features also include an addition of ten new themes.

    “In addition to the resizable Live Tiles, re-designed system apps (Office, Xbox Games, Store, etc.), 10 new theme colors, we’ll also get a new boot screen matching Windows Phone 8 style and Live Lock Screen Wallpaper, which was previously introduced within Windows Phone 8,” says the guy at GSMArena.

    Fine, resizable Live Tiles is really a flagship feature. It is also there with Windows Phone 8. It lets users customize size of tiles for each app. You may remember that all the new firmware updates from Microsoft boast of the new Metro-style interface. That is, every app will be seen as colorful tiles, rather than the traditional icons in home screen.

    It is also notable that Microsoft has added a set of new themes to the firmware. It will help you further personalize your experience with the handsets. It is not incidental that Microsoft has brought in the style and features of Windows 8 to the new Windows Phone 7 update. The company has deliberately designed the firmware to place it between Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.5.

    As per Forbes, Microsoft has “made a big play about application compatibility between Windows Phone 7 and 8.” Yes, the main goal in front of the company was to embed the notable features, interface and feel of the advanced Windows Phone 8 to the low-end handset compatible Windows Phone 7. The result was Windows Phone 7.8.

    “Windows Phone 7.5 is stable, it works well, so why go to all the hassle of reworking the operating system push it through network qualification, and then do a worldwide roll-out with hardware partners and multiple devices,” asks Forbes. So, why did Microsoft release a new update? Yes, it is to handle with the apps and compatibility of low-spec’ed handsets with the ecosystem.

    Windows Phone 7.8; Expected Released Date
    There is no chance that Microsoft would further delay formal release of the update. We can almost immediately listen to the company’s press release announcing the new firmware for handsets with fewer specs. Yes, Lumia 510 or some handset from Nokia would likely be debuting Windows Phone 7.8. Microsoft OEM partners like HTC, Samsung, ZTE, and Huawei may follow the Finnish mobile firm to churn out small Windows Phone smartphones for markets.

    Anyway, what Microsoft looks to achieve through the new firmware update is to gain some soil in the growing budget smartphone arena. It is not secret Samsung and Google have actually managed to make their handsets and software win over the mobile market with huge reliability on affordable phones. A big number of customers across the world wish to buy only pocket friendly handsets; they may not have any interest in spending lots of bucks to get a phone.