Windows 8 release: What makes Windows 8 much-awaited


    Microsoft is all set to release its next major Windows OS version, Windows 8 by mid this year. The new Windows 8 is to come with lots of incredible features and innovations. See, it is Microsoft’s first unified Windows version that will work on desktops, laptops and tablets as well. In other words, it will run machines with 10-inch screens to large screens and gaming systems. In fact, Microsoft has designed Windows 8 mainly in competition to both Apple and Google, two leading players in tablet market today. Moreover, Windows 8 features Windows Phone 7’s acclaimed Metro-style touch interface of live tiles and an advanced Windows Store for applications. Here we make a look into the entire features of Windows 8.

    Great interface
    Windows 8 features a simple interface. Unlike all previous versions, it offers better customization, gesture and touch experience. The new lock screen feature lets you pin desktop apps like Office, Task Manager, mail clients or others for easy and quick access. The Metro-style interface and tiles of Windows Phone repeat on Windows 8. Well, you can group tiles together and there are better options to swipe, resize, unpin and uninstall the apps. Of course, Windows 8 can bring you a new experience in interacting with the computer. All its previous versions fall short to Windows 8 thanks to its high end features.

    Windows 8 Search
    You can’t see Start menu in Windows 8. But searching is still possible quite smoothly. You just have to hit the Start button on your device’s keyboard to go for a search. As you start typing, the result will appear on screen from apps. This way, you can find any apps in your Windows 8 device. Well, you can select apps directly from the search results.

    Internet Explorer 10
    We can enjoy Internet Explorer 10 on a Windows 8 PC. The latest version of IE certainly offers better web surfing performance. More amazingly, IE 10 works well on Windows 8’s Metro style interface. The new browser supports all leading standards in HTML5 and CSS 3. Hardware acceleration makes it faster and SmartScreen provides it excellent security as well. Moreover, the browser features Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight for uncompromised performance.

    Windows 8 apps
    It is doubtless that applications give life for an operating system. As of now, Microsoft doesn’t have enough apps to beat either Apple iOS or Google Android. But the Redmond software giant has worked deliberately and launched a Windows Store for Windows 8. The Windows app store, which will go live in a couple of months, will even accept open source apps. Well, the exclusive Windows app store features plenty apps for both desktops and tablets.

    Moreover, managing apps on the Metro style Windows 8 is pretty smooth. The developer preview of Windows 8 has come out with a dozen of Metro apps, which include utilities for alarms to obligatory apps like Facebook and Twitter clients. Windows 8 will come preloaded with several useful apps. You will have Mail app, People app, Photos app and much more on the latest version of Windows.

    Windows 8 cloud integration
    It is a time cloud computing is gaining in popularity. Apple and Google have already launched state-of-the-art cloud storage services for their devices. Microsoft, which has been one of key cloud service providers, is also to provide the best cloud service to its Windows 8 users. People can store their contents on Microsoft’s SkyDrive with less effort. You can also access your PC from another one via cloud synching.

    “You can also use SkyDrive to access one PC from another, remotely over the web, even if it’s behind a firewall. This is how the Photos app will be able to get images from your different PCs,” says TechRadar.

    Windows 8 is to totally transform our experience with Windows-based computers. When compared with Windows 7 and Vista, the latest two Windows versions, Windows 8 will be much sophisticated. However, it has to fight two powerful rivals iOS and Android in tablet market. The new Windows version is also to revolutionize the tablet market as it supports ARM processors as well. Microsoft has tied up with lots of technology makers like Nokia, HTC, ZTE, Acer, ASUS and many others to produce tablets for its Windows 8.


    1. when will microsoft do something new, every feature you talk about here has been available on Linux, the Gnome 3 and Ubuntu’s Unity desktop for over the past two years, even the cloud feature has been in place on Linux for over the past 3 – 4 years. Everything on offer is a copy of what Linux users have had available to them (and more) for God knows how many years now … Just a sham to rip people off by copying Linux, making a few cosmetic changes and adding bloatware to the list … Gnome 3 and Unity have not been very successful in the Linux community not sure how Windows users will respond but it is definitely idiotic and disgusting to charge people money for something thay has been available for free and has better code than what Microsoft can ever hope to develop. Pathetic

    2. Don’t you get it? That’s the reason why Linux is free so anyone can copy your hard work and innovations dummy! So stop complaining about Microsoft copying. If you want Microsoft to stop copying then don’t license it under GPL.

    3. lol, linux is useless os you just install with virtualization. it’s not to do any real work on. windows is far better, even mac osx.

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