Windows 8 release date is close so is Samsung Windows 8 tablet


    Windows 8 release date is close so is Samsung Windows 8 tablet.  Apple’s operating system for tablet is going to get a good fight from a leader in PC software maker Microsoft Corporation. It is in the process of finalizing its great forthcoming Windows 8, an operating system that will be effective for Desktops, laptops and even Tablets.

    So far there have been efforts by Microsoft- and mostly in vain – about the use of operating system meant for personal computers  in  tablets. This has been completely rejected by consumers who don’t want a shabbily prepared product when better options are available in the market.

    The software giant Microsoft launched its first ‘great’ operating system Windows 1.0 in the year 1985. For the first time it allowed users to use mouse on a personal computer. Microsoft since has garnered a huge share of the operating system in the personal computer field.

    Many are saying that the latest operating system from Windows will give tough fight to Google’s Android and there are reports that Samsung is already planning its tablets to Windows’ forthcoming operating system.

    Reports suggest that it will make almost a complete overhaul in the Microsoft’s operating system that has an overwhelming superiority in PC operating system.

    Meanwhile it is not known as to how much effective the new software will be in tablets. So far Microsoft has proved utterly ineffective when it comes to smart phones and tablet and we have to wait to actually see how it can compete with Apple and Google Android.