Windows 8 release date getting closer: will come with great features


    2012 will see many important products. Meanwhile Windows 8 release date getting closer and it is certain that it will come with great features

    Microsoft’s next major Windows OS update, Windows 8 is set for an official release before mid this year. The Redmond software giant, known for its Windows operating system for desktop PCs, intends a twist in its OS with the upcoming version. Well, Windows 8 will support ARM processors along with Intel standard chips for desktops. It means Windows 8 will run not only on PCs but also on tablets. it is quite clear that Microsoft intends to to give both Apple and Google a run for their money with a version of Windows that runs on tablets and PCs.

    Here we discuss some points that may make Windows 8 attractive. Get through the article to see what makes Windows 8 a special version of the OS.

    To feature Ribbon UI

    Microsoft will reportedly introduce the controversial ribbon UI in its Windows 8. Ribbon UI which replaces old fashioned dropdown menus has been there in the new version of MS Office. Though some users disliked the feature, many lauded it because it helps one work fast and efficiently. So the introduction of ribbon UI with the entire Windows 8 will be a welcome move. Many users are keenly waiting for Windows 8 with the new user interface, which is also powered by the company’s new Metro style icons and widgets.

    To support ARM processors

    ARM processors are the mobile chips from the U.K-based chipmaker firm ARM. As of today, only mobile operating systems like iOS, Android and Windows Phone run on devices with ARM processors. The new Windows 8 is to support ARM chips, meaning that you can run the OS on tablets also. The desktop cum tablet supportability of Windows 8 makes it a real threat to iOS and Android. Microsoft is open to carving out a presence in the tablet industry. Many third party product developers such as HTC, Samsung, ZTE, Acer and certainly Nokia will likely back up Windows 8 with tablets PCs.

    To come preloaded Internet Explorer 10

    Microsoft previewed Internet Explorer 10 in April 2011. The upcoming version of Internet Explorer will come into action with Windows 8. The current version of web browser IE 9 runs on Windows 7 and Windows Vista and shuns Windows XP. The IE 10 will omit Vista and will run on Windows 7 and 8 only. Microsoft claims that the new version of the software will ensure better internet speed and video performance.

    To come with Windows 8 app store
    In style of Apple App Store and Android Market, there will be an exclusive app store for Windows 8. The app store will be an outlet for purchasing apps developed for the Metro style interface of Windows 8. With an aim to make its app store a competitive platform to Android Market, Microsoft has decided to include open source apps as well. The move is a bit strategic and revolutionary from the Redmond software giant, which aims to make its Windows 8 app store rich with enough apps. Both tablet and PC users can download required apps for their devices from the app store.

    To sell in a thumb drive
    The optical discs have almost gone away. After Apple’s Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, Windows 8 will also reach to your hands in a flash drive, instead of the traditional optical storages like CDs or DVDs. The entire file system of the OS will come in an optical drive.

    Of course, Windows 8 will be the first Windows OS version with the most changes in user interface, layouts, apps, web browser and many other aspects. It is certainly to change the way we have been familiar with the Windows operating system. Let us wind up the article with a glance into the words of PCWorld’s Sarah Jacobsson Purewal regarding Windows 8,

    “Windows 8 will be the first Windows operating system since Windows 95 to drastically modify the user interface. Not only will we see a port of the Windows Phone 7 Metro UI, we’ll also see support for multiple monitor setups, an immersive version of Internet Explorer, and touchscreen optimization.”


    1. I’m very excited for this release with the drastic improvements being made. The multi monitor setup support sounds great!

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