Windows 10 Mobile update: release date, Microsoft’s delaying tactics annoying

Windows 10 Mobile update: release date, Microsoft’s delaying tactics annoying

Windows 10 Mobile update: release date, Microsoft’s delaying tactics annoying

Majority of Windows mobile smartphone users haven’t got the Windows 10 Mobile update thus far. Despite repeated assurances from the Redmond based software behemoth the latest mobile operating system from the company is not being released for the old smartphones as yet.

While on new and very expensive handsets the new and very impressive Windows 10 Mobile is coming out of the box, for the people who bought it earlier the wait seems to be rather annoying and painful. The Windows 10 Mobile has come only on a few mobile devices from the Redmond company. So if you are not the owner of either Microsoft’s Lumia 950 or Lumia 950 XL, you wouldn’t have got the new OS.

Microsoft had said earlier that it will release the new mobile operating system in December 2016. Now we are in the middle of January 2016 and we haven’t got assurance about its definite market launch for mobile

Though the company hasn’t released the OS for your smartphone, it has launched a handy app that you can download to make the move over from Windows Phone 8.1 to Windows 10 Mobile as easy as possible. The latest Microsoft app ‘Mobile Upgrade Advisory tool’ scans your device, will notify you when the Windows 10 Mobile update is ready to go and even help you offload content either to an SD card or OneDrive so you know you’ll have enough room for the update to complete installation.

Two weeks ago Vodafone has said they are expecting to receive the update by mid-January, Movistar Spain expects it to release it by the end of January 2016. In the meantime there are more clues about the upgrade. Two days ago a Lumia user asked Microsoft on its support page on Twitter,” if windows 10 upgrade will be available for Microsoft Lumia 535?” @LumiaHelp replied, “We’re working to make Windows 10 available to eligible Lumia smartphones running Windows Phone 8.1 as an upgrade.”

One question that is giving tough time to Windows mobile users is who will get the update. It is sure that all Windows Mobile users will not get the upgrade. The company’s support says that only Lumia devices running Windows 8.1 are eligible for the update. These handsets also should have at least 8GB of internal memory. The not-so-good news is that on its support page, has also confirmed that the devices will not support all Windows 10 features after updating.

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