Why this Baptist woman, high school counselor is wearing a Muslim Hijab in Kansas City?

Why this Baptist woman, high school counselor is wearing a Muslim Hijab in Kansas City?

Why this Baptist woman, high school counselor is wearing a Muslim Hijab in Kansas City?

A 47-year old wife of a young pastor is now wearing a Muslim headscarf to show solidarity with fellow Muslim women in her area in United States. She wears the Muslim Hijab while going to school where she works as a counselor.

While Donald Trump, the Republican front runner is using Islamophobia to propel his chances to win the GOP presidential nomination, there are people who are fighting the tide.

A high school guidance counselor is reportedly trying her best to counter Islamophobia by wearing an Islamic hijab to her public school every Monday — an effort that she launched after her pastor spoke about the importance of challenging oneself to make a difference.

This is the courageous story of a Baptist woman in Kansas City, who has taken on Islamophobes in her own inimitable style by wearing a hijab. Martha DeVries seems to have determined to not just show her support to American Muslims, but also stand against the people who hate the religion without any basis.DeVries Martha

While talking about her recent journey she says, “I’ve just gotten very tired of hearing so many negative things, like Donald Trump’s ‘let’s not let Muslim immigrants into the United States’ and the scare on Syrian refugees”. DeVries is resident of North Kansas City, Mo., and a high school guidance counselor.

The decision was not easy. She wanted to show solidarity with the Muslims and so DeVries decided to do something that would help her identify with those women who are experiencing so much scorn in the United States. After the first month, DeVries says she had experienced no negative repercussions as a result of her experiment.

While talking about the local community she says, “I live in a pretty interesting community…We have a lot of immigrants living close to the high school where I work” and when the weather’s nice the local park “looks like the United Nations.” North Kansas City High School, where she works in the international baccalaureate program, is equally diverse. About 15 percent is made up of Arabs, she says.

She says her belief has a lot to do with her decision. “I think of Muslims in my community as my neighbors and it’s not my job to judge them or determine their salvation. My job is to love them.” By wearing the hijab, DeVries says she hopes others will get the same message. “Someone needs to be communicating with Muslims that there are Christians in this nation who love them.”

Nonetheless she had to answer many questions on the first day she went her school wearing the Muslim headscarf. “On that Monday I went to school with my head covered, and all I did all day was answer questions from people I know…I said I’m trying to walk in someone else’s shoes. And I said I’m tired of people saying persecutory things about Muslims.”

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