Why Modi/ Shah fear Lalu Yadav?

Lalu Prasad Yadav

Vidya Bhushan Rawat

The incarceration of Mr Lalu Prasad Yadav in the jail has been the biggest scandal of this government. If there was one man, who could have paid Modi and Shah in their language, it was a Lalu Yadav but both of them ensured that since politically they cant fight him, they have to unleash intimidating agencies against him. In Independent India’s political history, I have not seen such a blatant use of public machinery by a government and I can only compare the current CEC to one Mr Shakadhar who too despite all his failures order re-poll in Garhwal Lok Sabha constituency in 1982 after Indira Gandhi’s goons virtually took over Garhwal in their zeal to defeat H N Bahuguna who had resigned from the Congress and was contesting in the by poll again.

Indira Gandhi had made the by poll as a prestige issue only to benefit politically to Bahuguna who came into the folk lore of Uttarakhand those days as a potential prime minister, Indira ji was dreaming and we witness booth capturing and goondagardi by the Congress party. BJP under Modi is the Congress party under Sanjay Gandhi. The persistent and shameless way with which the government has ensured that Lalu Yadav is not released on the health ground shows how Modi Shah-Nitish Kumar are afraid of Lalu Yadav’s mass connect.

That the agencies said that Lalu Yadav was meeting political people and doing politics from the jail is a sad example of how they report. Is Lalu not a politician. Has he lost all right to be a politician and speak as a politician since you want the media to term him as a criminal. The brahmanical media continue to denigrade him and this is both the secular-communal brahmanical fellows from Bihar because both had a common ‘pain’ how Lalu demolished their hegemony in Bihar. Ofcourse, with the blessings of Nitish Kumar, BJP, they are back in action again and therefore feel it necessary that Lalu does not resurrect because if he does then it will be at the cost of same caste elite.

Revival of Lalu Yadav is the biggest threat to brahmanical hegemony in Bihar so it is not merely these elections but a agenda for Bihar and rest of the country in future. We are not discussing here other issues but purely the issues which relate to the attempt by the government to keep him away from his family as well as not allow him to meet people. Why cant he meet political leaders and his family members. Why is he not being allowed to meet them.

I would have loved Lalu Yadav speaking to people not merely in Bihar but also in Uttar Pradesh but our political dispensation knows fully well that Lalu is the only politician who can give Modi and Shah a run for their money.

We hope authorities will respect Lalu Yadav’s right as prisoner and his health is of paramount concern. We hope proper medical assistance would be provided to him so that his health is taken care off. All the power elite joined him to deny political space but hope that people would remember and vote to defeat the absolutely communal and anti poor leaders of the ruling party at the moment. Lalu ji has shown tremendous courage and strength to face multiplicity of charges and deliberately imposed cases by the state. Right now, there is not much hope from the system at the moment as it is determined to make him pass his life in jail but hopefully his people will carry the legacy well. We do hope one day he is exonerated honorably.

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