Why governments always try to call UFO sightings as hoax


    Many experts wonder as to why governments always try to call UFO sightings as hoax? But here is a report that says that governments don’t want to make their citizens fearful of actual existence of these flying machines

    Unidentified objects have fascinated the world for decades. The way they appear from nowhere has made them a mystery. Their style and their alleged shape has always attracted curiosity. But so far these UFOs were always branded as hoax from scientists and aviation experts.

    Now there comes an in-depth report that finally shows that scorn and questions raised by the so called aviation experts and different governments were actually aimed at making people comfortable about these things and denying the existence of any such objects.

    A report that is going to appear on History Channel is exposing the extend of the government interventions and high handed attitude of the CIA in muzzling reports on the sightings and close encounters with the UFO.

    Now it has emerged that US government and its secret service agencies had been trying to silence even authentic reports from pilots and asking them to forget that anything of sort happened.

    Just over two decades ago there was a close encounter of Japan Airlines 747 with a group of UFO that was also recorded by air traffic control. The UFOs whose number at one time went up to three chased the aircraft for close to thirty minutes before disappearing in this air.

    A former senior official of Federal Aviation John Callahan says that he had to give up all the papers about the UFO sighting that were collected by air traffic control and details provided by pilot to CIA officials who asked him to keep quite on the issue. He said that the officials said that it was necessary so as not to frighten the American public.

    A Huffington Post report says that there is a spike in sightings of the Unidentified Flying Objects and more and more such sightings are brushed aside as hoax.

    A reader while commenting on denial of existence of UFO says, “What I find very funny about scientist who deny these beings could travel here from some other star system is, they’re basing their assumption­s on what we currently know about science. it was no to long ago that the idea of an atomic bomb was so far-fetche­d we made fun of the people who said it was possible.N­ow take a race of being”s who could be thousands if not millions of years more advanced then we are and all bets are off”.


    1. Of course any official institution will ignore or dismiss UFO sightings. Why not? They have no interest in them. They have nothing to gain, economically or militarily, and only to lose by acknowledging their possible existence. Governments are not research institutions. Acknowledging that they are powerless or uncertain, as they are about UFOs shows weakness. The FAA has an official policy to ignore UFO sightings. They are in the business of making air travel safe, not to explain UFOs. Denial is their only option.

    2. Nothing to gain? Imagine the possibilities of harvested technology from these machines. No interest in them? I wouldn’t say so… We have plenty of evidence they are, indeed, A LOT interested. As an example, we know they have wreckage, from, you know, well, Roswell. It’s pretty obvious.

    3. I think govs are VERY interested in getting their hands on ufo tech, for military uses. And, at the same time, they dont want the public to know that there is a superior tech to their own. That would cause them to lose control over the masses. Riots and anarchy would break out. Look over seas, people are just waiting for a reason to plunder and riot. Even over here, the slightest weakness in the government and the riots break out. But, with the internet and tech coming of age for the public, they cant stop it all from getting out!! 🙂

    4. The truth is just around the corner, trust me. Official UFO disclosure is imminent and soon it won’t be a thing of Hollywood fantasies. The official accounts from pilots, astronauts, military officials, aviation officers, Radar tracking and more are incredible! These things were seen back by ancient civilizations for thousands of years and its all thoroughly documented. I’m surprised its been denied for so long. Anyone who does in depth research can see its a very real deal!

    5. The reason for the government cover up is far more insidious than that. It is true that governments do not wish the population to panic, but the main reason at least for the US government is for national security considerations. It is the US military/intelligence apparatus (CIA/NSA/ONI/AFI etc etc) that is preventing the disclosure, since that would undermine US military and economic dominance of the world.. They will attack(by ridicule as well as intimidation) anyone who attempts to reveal the secrets about aliens. See ufocoverup.org for more info

    6. As explained in UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities, the US government really doesn’t care about UFOs. What the true believers miss is “Compared to what?” They simply don’t understand how the USG works. It’s about priorities and money. You run out of money long before you run out of things that are required. There is no cover-up and no one has ever been charged with leaking UFO data – and many have.

      Now consider the economy, current wars, health care, foreclosures, etc and tell where you think UFOs fit on that list.

      BTW: The is a DOD web site that has all of the reports that you are looking for.

    7. Do you think the government is not interested in free energy and 0 gravity propulsion system? Come one, do you think conventional airplanes are still safe to fly in the skies where you already have the technology to travel from USA to Japan within minutes? Earth science is simply primitive for PRIMATES!

      This 21st century we should already have car running on hydro energy. Look around us! Our sea is our resources and yet we are not making use of every single bit of it, still burning fuels and create green house gases that causes global warming! Why do you need to pay for petrol since you have water – which is cost savvy?

      Inflation increase yearly we know that. Can’t we think of a way to reduce our expenditure? Everyone need to possess a vehicle to reach somewhere! Tradition just isn’t work out like the way it use to be!

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