Who won the 11th Republican 2016 presidential debate and why?

Who won the 11th Republican 2016 presidential debate and why?

Who won the 11th Republican 2016 presidential debate and why?

Ted Cruz seems to have emerged the winner following the very important Republican presidential debate at the Fox Theatre in downtown Detroit. Though the debate will be known for the intense Donald Trump vs Marco Rubio fight, nonetheless it was the senator from Texas who eventually won the debate.

From more than a dozen candidates, the fight is now restricted to four or rather three candidates. Kasich, though, remains in the fight hasn’t been able to make any impact and is expected to drop out sooner than later.

The Republican debate had the fire work that presence of Donald Trump easily brings. Besides Donald Trump the other candidates who were there included Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and John Kasich.

After winning as many as ten states in the Super Tuesday, Donald Trump came into the debate from a point of great strength.
Trump is not a great debater. Nonetheless he is street smart. Nonetheless, the real estate czar has many vulnerabilities. And his biggest vulnerability is his past support of Democrats and questions about if he has truly changed his views. Cruz and Rubio were able to score some body blows on Trump – particularly on the growing issues with Trump University – but the real question is if it will matter. Trump’s supporters have weathered many political storms and there’s really nothing that came out tonight that will change their minds.Republican debate 2016

On the other hand Ted Cruz seems to be picking up recently. He didn’t attack Trump directly but tried to highlight his lack of understanding of politics and political issues. He did do more to direct the debate to more policy issues – “Is this the debate you want in the general election?” was spot on – and it was on those times that the Texas Senator was able to rise above the childish banter and get his message across.

Marco Rubio’s strategy of attacking Donald Trump may not pay off in the long term. Remember Christ Christie? He attacked Rubio in the last of his debate and then disappeared from the presidential fight all in a sudden. Rubio’s best moment was when he hit the mogul with issues related to Trump University and pointed out that every time Trump is challenged he responds with insults. Rubio has his own issues – Senate attendance is the biggest – and his responses to Trump do nothing but weaken him.

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