Who won the Fox debate 2015: How Jeb Bush was able to prolong his campaign

Who won the Fox debate 2015: How Jeb Bush was able to prolong his campaign

Who won the Fox debate 2015: How Jeb Bush was able to prolong his campaign 

Did Marco Rubio win the GOP presidential debate 2015 last night? While he might not be the clear winner, there is no denying the fact that he has come out among the best performers last night and has improved his standing over other Republican presidential hopefuls.

There is no denying the fact that it was one of the best debates so far in the Republican primary season. The debate held on Fox Business Network was the first debate that took care of almost every aspect of the governance and many major issues that couldn’t gain their attention in previous debates.

Economy was an important issue that was discussed at length. Immigration reform that is a hanging sword over around 12 million undocumented immigrants also came into focus. Jeb Bush talked about humanizing the issue, instead of talking to deport all such people as Donald Trump has suggested.
Jeb Bush
Donald Trump, the man who many thought would emerge victorious once again was far from impressive. On the contrary he was ridiculed for his lack of knowledge on many issues and lack of foresight on immigration reform. Donald Trump was the big surprise. To be true he was badly embarrassed when after his rant about the Trans-Pacific Partnership and China, Sen. Rand Paul (Ky.) pointed out China was not party to the TPP.

If that was not enough, his stance on immigration reform was laughed at by even Jeb Bush. Later Bush laughed at Trump’s remarks on allowing Russia to fight the Islamic State, which Moscow isn’t actually doing. He even drew boos when he accused Carly Fiorina of “interrupting everybody.” Fiorina managed to needle Trump once again mocking his remark that he’d met Vladimir Putin on “60 Minutes.”

Donald Trump while talking about immigration reform criticized Obama. “He of the executive order, because nobody wants to listen to him, including the Democrats, so he just goes around signing executive orders. That was a great day. And, frankly, we have to stop illegal immigration. It’s hurting us economically. It’s hurting us from every standpoint. It’s causing tremendous difficulty with respect to drugs and what that does to many of our inner cities in particular…And it really is — was such an unbelievable moment because the courts have not been ruling in our favor. And it was a 2-1 decision. And it was a terrific thing that happened…And I will tell you, we are a country of laws. We need borders. We will have a wall. The wall will be built. The wall will be successful. And if you think walls don’t work, all you have to do is ask Israel. The wall works, believe me. Properly done. Believe me”, said he.

The opportunity was used in very dexterous way by Jeb Bush. “They’re doing high-fives in the Clinton campaign right now,” he pointed out in response to anti-immigration reform recitations from Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz (Tex.). Likewise, his strong argument in favor of repealing excess regulations drew applause. This was the best performance by Jeb Bush in all the four GOP debates thus far.

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