Republican debate 2016 last night: Rubio or Jeb Bush, who was the winner

Republican debate 2016 last night: Rubio or Jeb Bush, who was the winner

Republican debate 2016 last night: Rubio or Jeb Bush, who was the winner

Despite Donald Trump camp’s assertion that interest in last night’s Republican debate 2016 will be very low due to his absence, there doesn’t seem to be any truth in it. People were as excited in last night’s debate as in any of the six previous debates when Donald Trump was part of it.

There are many people who believe there was no reason for such behavior from Republican fans. While some hard core Donald Trump fans might have abstained from the debate, his absence gave people opportunity to listen to other Republican presidential hopefuls more closely.

While in previous debates he stole limelight from other contenders, the debate without him allowed GOP fans to actually see other Republican contenders more closely.

Republican debate 2016While many people were expecting Ted Cruz to come on top of all the other contenders, he was completely eclipsed by Marco Rubio. Cruz and Rubio got into a barbed dispute over immigration reform, particularly on “amnesty” in the second half of the debate. Rubio accused Cruz of falsely describing himself as the most conservative candidate, and changing his position on immigration.

In the course of attacking Cruz, the Florida senator said, “This is the lie that Ted’s campaign is built on…Throughout this campaign, you’ve been willing to say and do anything in order to get votes.” He said Cruz used to talk about bringing immigrants out of the shadows, and, “now, you want to trump Trump on immigration.”

Cruz didn’t take things lying down. He attacked Rubio saying it is Rubio who vowed to fight against “amnesty” and then reversed course for political expediency. “I like Marco, he’s very charming, he’s very smooth,” Cruz said, before accusing him of siding with donors in the immigration debate.

While talking about the immigration and amnesty, Rubio said, “Never have and never will support any effort to grant blanket legalization amnesty to folks who have entered, or stayed in this country illegally…First of all, earned path to citizenship is basically code for amnesty. It’s what they call it. And, the reality of it is this, it is unfair to the people that have legally entered this country to create an alternative for individuals who entered illegally, and knowingly did so…You cannot grant amnesty. If the American people see us granting amnesty they will never again believe in legal immigration. They will never again support it, and that’s wrong for our country, bad for our future.
The two didn’t just talk about immigration and amnesty but fought on foreign affairs too. At one point, Cruz complained about the moderators urging the candidates to attack each other, and half-jokingly threatened to “leave the stage” if they asked another “mean question.”

Rubio attacked Cruz for making such comment and told the moderators “First of all, I’m not leaving the stage no matter what you ask me.” Rubio also questioned Cruz’ record on supporting the military, moments after Cruz said he’d “utterly and completely destroy ISIS.” “The only budget that Ted has ever voted for was a budget that Rand Paul sponsored that brags about cutting defense spending,” Rubio said.

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