Who won the CNN Republican debate in Houston? Marco Rubio asks to Google ‘Trump Polish workers’

Who won the CNN Republican debate in Houston? Marco Rubio asks to Google ‘Trump Polish workers’

Who won the CNN Republican debate in Houston? Marco Rubio asks to Google ‘Trump Polish workers’

This was an important night and its impact is going to be felt through the rest of the Republican primary season, particularly during the Super Tuesday when the fate of the candidates will almost be sealed. Hundreds of delegates will be up for grabs during Super Tuesday and there is near unanimity among political commentators that a good performance in the debate means higher number of seats for the winner.

If there was a single winner last night, it was none other than Marco Rubio. The 44-year old senator was preparing for taking the attack in his opponents’ backyard and he did it very successfully taking his tanks on Donald Trump’s doorstep very effectively.

He attacked him on all important aspects and tried to make it clear that Donald Trump was not really fit to be the commander in-chief. This is not the first time when Marco Rubio so openly attacked Donald Trump and criticized his previous appreciation of Obamacare and his lack of support for Israel.donald trump vs marco rubio

Nonetheless Marco Rubio seems to be under some sort of illusion that his strident support for Jewish state of Israel will get him Republican nomination. If support for Israel was a prerequisite for being US president, Barack Obama would have never been able to enter White House.

In the meantime Marco Rubio was able to get some more admirers due to his impressive performance during the debate. There are some people who believe that it was the best performance by any Republican candidate in all the ten debates held thus far.

An analyst while talking about his performance says, “This was not only Rubio’s best debate performance. It was the best debate performance by any candidate in any debate so far in the 2016 election. Rubio, grasping the fact that if nothing changes in this race he — and everyone else — will lose to Donald Trump, hit Trump at every turn. He savaged Trump on using illegal immigrants to help build Trump Tower…What Rubio’s stellar performance means is that the race between now and Tuesday — and March 15 and beyond — will be cast as a two-man showdown between Trump and Rubio. That’s the only chance Rubio has of winning”.

During the last night’s debate Marco Rubio asked people to Google the phrase “Trump Polish workers.” He went on to add that that such a search would reveal that years ago the billionaire real estate developer was fined by the federal government for employing inexpensive construction workers from Poland instead of Americans. “Look it up . . . You’ll see a million dollars for hiring illegal workers on one of his projects. He did it,” Rubio said.

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