Who won the GOP debate: update an highlights

Who won the GOP debate: update an highlights

Who won the GOP debate: update an highlights

Jeb Bush was thouhgt to be in possession of every skill needed to win the Republican nomination. But a few months into primaries and his aura is being destroyed by someone who was not in politics for a long time and who doesn’t have two former presidents in his family.

Yes Donald Trump seems to have unsettled Jeb Bush unlike anyone. While Jeb Bush has failed to attract people’s attention and is not able to raise enough funds for his campaign, Trump seems to have kept his momentum and has raised funds despite claiming that he can fund his own campaign and doesn’t need people to fund his campaign.

In CNBC Republican debate last night Jeb Bush once again failed to make his mark and impress voters. While other candidates including Trump seem to be winning more fans after each debate, his performance shows that he is losing fans with each new debate.Jeb Bush

Nonetheless the former Florida governor says that he shouldn’t be written off. There is no denying the fact that despite high hopes for a strong performance in Wednesday’s debate, Bush allowed himself to be bested by his former protege, Sen. Marco Rubio. Today, in his first post-debate appearance, he maintained that his campaign is not on its last leg.

Following the debate he said it is not over for him as yet. “It’s not on life support…We have the most money, we have the greatest organization. We’re doing fine.”

He has tried to convince people that despite not being a good debator he is a good leader. “Look there are two types of politicians. There are the talkers, and there are the doers. I wish I could talk as well as some of the people on the stage, the big personalities on the stage. but I’m a doer…I think that people when they get elected to serve, they ought to serve…That’s a simple point I’m making.”

who won the republican debate last night

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