Who won the GOP debate CNBC? Donald Trump remains favorite

Who won the GOP debate CNBC? Donald Trump remains favorite

Who won the GOP debate CNBC? Donald Trump remains favorite

CNBC GOP debate was among the most watched programs on the television channel in months. There is little doubt in the claim given the importance of the exercise. Anyone among the debaters can become the President of the most powerful nation in the world. Whoever wins the GOP primaries will be able to take on the Democratic candidate. The candidate may be able, and given the voter frustration with the Democrats, to win the election and be the most powerful man in the world as commander in-chief of US armed forces.

While the candidates fought among themselves with gusto, at times there were signs that the Republican candidates seemed to be hating the CNBC moderators. At times it looked a fight between the candidates and moderators including Carl Quintanilla, Becky Quick and John Harwood. Several candidates tried to beat the moderators down by calling media ‘dirty’, ‘nasty, and many other things.

donald-trump picTed Cruz was one of the people who said that media was against Republicans. “How about talking about the substantive issues people care about?…nobody watching at home believes that any of the moderators have any intention of voting in a Republican primary.”

It was not just Ted Cruz who aimed his guns at the media. Others like Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Marco Rubio in particular also trained their guns at the media and moderators, criticizing both.

Meantime people are wondering as to who won the poll. A focus group led by GOP pollster Frank Luntz says that people are not very happy with Donald Trump. Nonetheless Donald Trump supporters say their candidate was far ahead of others. A report in Huffington Post while discussing this ‘who won’ trend says, “And even if a focus group or online poll accurately takes the measure of public opinion, there’s another, more fundamental challenge with trying to figure out who “won.” Unlike a sports game or an election, debates don’t necessarily produce clear-cut winners or an objective way of naming them. Supporters of a politician are likely to think their preferred candidate won, regardless of the outcome, and even a strong performance can have relatively little impact on the polls”.

While Donald Trump might be called the winner of the CNBC Republican debate last night, Marco Rubio is no less a winner. Marco Rubio must be commended for keeping his composure despite all-out assault from many, especially his one-time mentor Jeb Bush. Media has asked him to resign from Senate saying he has been an absentee senator who has also not been in the senate to vote on many important issues. Nonetheless first Rubio faced them with great patience and then he hit back at the moderators as being part of a liberal media, a line that will be well received by conservatives and ended up being a good move. There is no denying the fact that despite high-pitched attack by others present there, it was mostly a strong performance by Rubio, though the door was opened for opponents to highlight his own shaky financial past.

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