BY | September 15, 2013

Long before yesterday’s historic fight, many people were claiming on top of their voices that Floyd Mayweather Jr’s boxing career will be over after this fight. They were claiming that Canelo Alvarez is the one the boxing was waiting for and now when he has arrived he will finish off the man who makes unprecedented amount of money from boxing. In fact many top level boxers are not able to make the sort of money he makes in a single fighting in their whole career spanning several years.

But now their claims are looking absolutely hallow as he is still sitting on top unscathed from last night’s fight after pocketing as much as $44 million from last night’s match against Canelo Alvarez alone. He will make a lot more from PPV in the days to come and this amount is also going to be substantial. Many people had put a lot of money of Canelo Alvarez and now they all will be repenting the worst mistake of their lives by backing the wrong horse. The tried and tested boxer Mayweather today amazed not just his detractors by his firepower, speed and his agility. He is a complete package and comes with great history.

There is no doubt that anyone who can beat him may be only one with similarly great experience and the past. Before this fight, many people had started hoping that Canelo Alvarez was actually the guy who will beat Mayweather effortlessly. May be this was because the fight was being sold as the toughest fight of Mayweather’s career.  And probably Mayweather himself was behind the whole promotion campaign as he his company is co-sponsor of the fight. It was a shrewd planning that paid off handsomely and made it the highest grossing of all the fights in boxing. Mayweather is the master strategist and despite millions and millions of people wishing to see him beaten after his reign at the top for at least a decade if not more, he has remained unbeaten making the sort of ridiculously high amount of money that no one can expect and remaining unbeaten. Many people had said now that the age was catching up with him and at 36 years of age he will not be able to face the might of a great boxer of 23 years of age who came with the best punching power. But once again tonight this seems to have been proven utterly wrong as he has won the fight in style, like no one else and pocketed close to $45 million.

He is 36 year old, but when in the ring he has the firepower and stamina of a 25 year old. Mayweather seems to be getting better and better as he ages. The fight was immensely entertaining from beginning till the end and for many people it will remain etched in their memory as the best fight due to one single reason. This is because one of the three judges sort of erroneously gave the fighter 114-114 score. But the two judges came up with the right score and gave credibility to the fight by declaring Mayweather the winner. Decision was given in favour of Mayweather as he was given 116-112 by Dave Moretti and 117-111 by Craig Metcalfe. And to be true the two scores rightly tally with even ours that we were keeping a tab from beginning till the end.

There is no doubt that Money is a great planner and great executor. Mayweather began the fight with big gang and started attacking Canelo from close quarters. Alvarez missed the shots as Mayweather knows the best tricks of avoiding shots in the world. on the other hand Mayweather hits right cross, before escaping successfully once again. But then Canelo finding a great opportunity knocked him off-balance. In the second round Canelo tries to do the same trick, but fails. Instea Mayweather lands two left hooks. The younger boxer is trying to come close and attack Mayweather’s body, but misses. In 3rd round Mayweather who has hit him several times till now comes with a very ferocious jab. He connected with two huge combinations.

Though he was dominating from the word go, it started showing on his opponent as thte fight progressed. In the round 4 Canelo had some success as he landed to the body, but then he was severely punished with huge Money combination. Alvarez tried to box him, but was not much successful. In 5th round Mayweather looks great and in almost total control of the fight. But Alvarez was able to land a huge shot at Money, but apparently more was needed from hi. In round 6 Alvarez despite having bigger structure fails to impresses. Mayweather seems to be beating him effortlessly, hitting him with impunity. Round 7 was again dominatd by Mayweather as Canelo has no answer to his punches. Money Mayweather lands his biggest combination of the fight, rocking his opponent with a one-two. The youngster seems to be losing hope and slowing down. In 8th round there is some real good work from the young boy. Alvarez comes with an effective flurry along the ropes, as he lands a few body shots, but allows Mayweather to escape. Mayweatehr is pinned against ropes, but escapes.

Initially Canelo Alvarez’s supporters were dominating the place as they booed Mayweather Jr, but their shouting and throat power started to wane when it dawned upon their that their favorite boxer was on the verge to lose. After the eighth round everything looked like formality that must be fulfilled as Mayweather had all but won the fight. In 9th round Mayweather seems to be winning so his fans are coming out in the open and cheering for him. Mayweather stuns Alvarez with a great shot and then disappears from Canelo’s sight. Alvarez runs out of steam. The 10 round and the fight in complete control of Mayweather. Mayweather is teasing Alvarez as he dodges his punches. But some activity from Canelo towards the end.  Round 12 without any activity and Mayweather wins the fight comprehensively and again without much of a trouble. Mayweather will again be ready to take on another fight with the same promotion and hoopla surrounding it. And he will once again come on top making his tens of millions of dollars and giving a few dollars to the one who will be battered.


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