Who won the GOP Republican debate on CBS in South Carolina? How many people watched it

Who won the GOP Republican debate on CBS in South Carolina? How many people watched it

Who won the GOP Republican debate on CBS in South Carolina? How many people watched it

The CBS News Republican debate last night was very interesting for most of the GOP support base. Six top Republican hopefuls were pouncing on each other in a manner not seen in a very, very long time.

While many people are saying that Jeb Bush’s performance was not really anything worthwhile, but the way he responded to the onslaught of Donald Trump against his family shows that he isn’t really afraid of the reality czar.

He not just attacked back Donald Trump and asked him to complete his response and went on to oppose him for his views on supporting Russian initiative in Syria. Long time foreign affairs experts have said that Donald Trump’s views on Middle East are naïve indeed and childish.

Republican debate 2016Six Republican candidates who were part of the debate included Ohio Gov. John Kasich, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, businessman Donald Trump, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson.

Polls conducted prior to the debate showed Trump having huge lead over his challengers. He has to walk carefully when he goes after former President George W. Bush and his handling of 9/11, but Trump’s comments on immigration and self-funding his campaign are playing well with supporters. He holds up well to an audience full of hostile people, and found a way to turn that around, too, proving Trump thinks fast on his feet. He has the momentum going into South Carolina and onward to Super Tuesday.

On the other hand Marco Rubio didn’t come out with anything remotely looking like improving his claim to be the Republican party nominee. After the “robot” debacle in the previous GOP debate where he repeated the same answer over and over again, he was expected to work on his shortcomings and prove his critics wrong. But he couldn’t do anything better. Though he seemed more prepared yet didn’t come across as rehearsed. The Florida Senator needs a good showing in South Carolina and if the debate is an indication, he is poised to rebound nicely from his disappointing New Hampshire finish.
On the other hand, Ted Cruz is not being able to impress more Republican fans. At Saturday night’s debate, Cruz found his integrity questioned by Rubio and Trump and he came out bruised in the process. After all, it takes a lot for Trump to refer to someone as “bigger liar than Jeb Bush.”

In the meantime CSB News said that in a poll conducted after the debate, thirty-two percent of these debate watchers said Marco Rubio won the debate, beating out Donald Trump (24 percent) and John Kasich (19 percent), who are ranked second and third, respectively. Further down on the list are Ted Cruz (12 percent), Ben Carson (8 percent), and Jeb Bush (5 percent).

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