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Who won the Iowa GOP debate: Donald Trump says he won it by sitting out

Who won the Iowa GOP debate: Donald Trump says he won it by sitting out

Who won the Iowa GOP debate: Donald Trump says he won it by sitting out

Despite his absence from the Republican debate last night, Donald J. Trump led the social media from the front. While he was on almost every television channel except the Fox News, he continued sending tweets one after the other to help him hog the limelight.

The real estate baron tried his best to keep the attention fixated at himself. Nonetheless, the debate drew attention from millions of people who wanted to see the rest of the Republican contenders take on each other. Apparently they knew that in the absence of Donald Trump they will be able to evaluate other Republican contenders in a better way.

There is no denying the fact that with Donald Trump’s absence helped other candidates get the much needed focus they needed to send the message across.

Jeb BushMany people were of the opinion that Ted Cruz will be able to capitalize on Trump’s absence. Nonetheless it didn’t happen. While the verdicts varied, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas was seen as starting strong but fading late, while Senator Marco Rubio of Florida had his moments but grew testy at times when faced with tough questions.

On the other hand, Jeb Bush seems to be doing well in the last couple of debates. After being completely eclipsed by others in the first four debates, he seems to have learnt the art of debating. It is being said that in the last night’s GOP primary debate the former Florida governor had one of his most energetic performances.

While beginning the debate he hilariously called himself as the man of the establishment saying he had two presidents in his family including his father and brother. He claimed that he will fix issues confronting the US. “But this election is not about our pedigree, this is an election about people that are really hurting. We need a leader that will fix things and have a proven record to do it. And we need someone who will take on Hillary Clinton in November. Someone who has a proven record, who has been tested, who is totally transparent. I released 34 years of tax returns… and 300,000 e-mails in my government record. To get the information from Hillary Clinton, you need to get a subpoena from the FBI” said he.

He was very clear on Middle East and Syria. “We shouldn’t have the war fighters have their arms tied behind their back as President Obama wanted to do, but they had a chance to show support and it wasn’t popular at the time. It became popular after the attack in Paris, and San Bernardino. Now we hear the tough talk…The caliphate of ISIS has to be destroyed, which means we need to arm directly to Kurds, imbed our troops with the Iraqi military, re engage with the Sunni tribal leaders. Get the lawyers off the damn backs of the military once and for all”.

He also talked on establishing no fly zone in Syria. :Have a no fly zone in Syria and create safe zones to deal with the refugees. But, more importantly, to train a Sunni-led force in Syria to take out ISIS with our support”, said he.

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