Who won the Democratic debate tonight in Flint? Bernie Sanders socialist on the rise

Who won the Democratic debate tonight in Flint? Bernie Sanders socialist on the rise

Who won the Democratic debate tonight in Flint? Bernie Sanders socialist on the rise

Amid reports that Bernie Sanders had won Maine, the debate on CNN tonight was very intense. Sanders challenged former secretary of state on almost everything and came out unscathed.

He attacked the Washington insiders for establishment politics and establishment economics and went on to say there was no place left for both in the changing scenario.

While speaking on the occasion the 74-year old senator from Vermont said, “We need in this country a political revolution where ordinary people stand up and reclaim the government that men and women fought and died for”.

He also spoke about his socialist ideals in the beginning of the debate and went on to add, “In recent years we have seen a proliferation of millionaires and billionaires, and increase in income and wealth inequality, and all over this country middle class families are struggling. Cities and towns are struggling, in order to provide basic services. Among many other things, we need to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, our water systems, our waste water plants, our roads and our bridges. The wealthiest country in the history of the world has got to get its priorities right, take care of the people, no more tax breaks for billionaires”.hillary clinton vs bernie sanders 2016

Sanders also faced the question over his Jewish background. He said that he is proud of being Jewish and says that his father’s family was wiped out during the Holocaust under Hitler.

On the other hand Hillary Clinton and Sanders are asked whether they would support hydraulic fracturing or fracking. Clinton says she wouldn’t support it when any locality or state is against it and when the release of methane or contamination of water is present, among other things. She says by the time her conditions are met, she says, “I do not think there are many places in America where fracking can continue to take place. Sanders says his answer is much shorter: “No.”

When the issue of helping children in broken schools such as Detroit’s public school system was raised Sanders said “We should be ashamed of how we treat our kids and senior citizens”. He then attacked Republicans for not prioritizing federal funding for schools. Clinton said she would want to reinstate funding to prepare and modernize public schools and use every legal means at her disposal to try to force the governor to return schools to the people of Detroit, ending emergency management.

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