Who won the GOP debate: no one is clear winner, Twitter reactions and highlights

Who won the GOP debate: no one is clear winner, Twitter reactions and highlights

Who won the GOP debate: no one is clear winner, Twitter reactions and highlights

Who won the Republican debate last night? Despite the fact that there is no clear favorite, many people have given highest marks once again to billionaire businessman Donald Trump.

But there are others candidates who are also getting equally good marks from their respective fan base. Nonetheless on CNBC online poll around 45 percent people thought that it was Donald Trump who won the debate without any doubt. The second best had got merely 19 percent votes from fans.

Nonetheless one man who initially looked like a loser in the eye of intense attack from his opponents turned out to be quite a winner towards the end of the debate. Marco Rubio has come out as a much stronger candidate in the primaries than he was before going into the debate. The senator from Florida faced some fundamental character questions, namely about the votes he’s missing while campaigning, and some personal finance missteps. Nonetheless he defended himself with aplomb and won many fans in the process.

carly fiorinaRegarding the alleged trouble with his finances he said, “I’m not worried about my finances…This debate needs to be about the men and women across this country who are struggling on a daily basis to provide for their families a better future that we always said this country is about.”

Greg Valliere, chief global strategist at Horizon Investments was quoted by CNBC as saying, “I still feel strongly the star of the night was Rubio. I think he did really well…He was quick to come back on this charge by Jeb (Bush) he should resign. Whenever he talks about his family narrative he seems to have a more upbeat message, more Reaganesque, not negative.”

On the other hand, the star of the second debate Hewlett-Packard’s Carly Fiorina didn’t get the sort of response that she got in the last debate. A report says, “Fiorina was asked about her controversial time as chief of Hewlett-Packard. She answered directly and succinctly and continues to prove herself a strong debater. Her previous debate performances were enough to move her up in the polls, numbers that quickly fell off in the wake of the events. Fiorina is a viable contender but it’s starting to look like she’d be more of VP than POTUS. Not a loss for Fiorina but the setup didn’t make it as much of a win as her previous efforts”.

In the meantime another White House hopeful who impressed many was Carson. Ben Carson doesn’t boasts like Donald Trump. He doesn’t shout. In fact many people have to struggle to understand what he says. Nonetheless despite all these complaints the neurosurgeon has seen his graph goup and up. His surge seems to be very rapid in the past few weeks and this seems to be putting pressure on Donald Trump team. There is no denying the fact that his responses as far as same-sex marriage is concerned plays well with his base and was one of his most direct statements to date. He handled tough questions related to his involvement with a supplement maker with a much-needed dose of personality. With today’s performance he will certainly find many more fans.

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