Who won the presidential debate 2016: Clinton, Trump debate fact checker

Who won the presidential debate 2016: Clinton, Trump debate fact checker

Who won the presidential debate 2016: Clinton, Trump debate fact checker 

Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump presidential debate that took place last night was expected to be all fire and some substance. And exactly the same happened.

Donald Trump was at his aggressive best. But as he was faced with an opponent who was not Ted Cruz, he was answered in the same coin. And the best part of the debate was the fact that Hillary Clinton came fully prepared to face his jibes, innuendo, aggression and everything else.

She responded in kind and as she was well prepared released her own salvos one after the other so he was not able to actually browbeat her into submission.


There is little doubt that her long stint as the top diplomat of the US has prepared her for all sorts of debate, whether it is a civilized debate at the UN or a no hold barred attack from the likes of Trump.

People who had thought that Trump will get better of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, they were sorely disappointed as a woefully unprepared Donald Trump attempted to make jabs at Clinton from all angles. However, the Democratic candidate remained calm and stood her ground, painting herself as presidential material and her opponent a bumbling fool.

While his fans will still be rooting for him, proclaiming him to be the best hand to save the US, even some of his close confidantes believe that he lost the debate. A report in the Guardian says that former first Lady and wife of the former president Bill Clinton was formidably prepared for her first showdown with Donald Trump. On the other hand, the Republican candidate’s decision not to prepare for the debate didn’t pay off. Early in the debate, Clinton managed to square Trump into a defensive position. Following that, Trump continued his attempts to make jabs at Clinton. However, many were seen as petty and easily rebutted by Clinton, who was praised for her calm and collected responses to the billionaire.


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