Who won the Republican debate on CNN last night in Miami: Highlights

Who won the Republican debate on CNN last night in Miami: Highlights

Who won the Republican debate on CNN last night in Miami: Highlights

It may be the last debate in which four Republican candidates remain around. Though the number of presidential hopefuls has come down from seven teen to just four, two or at least one candidates are going to relinquish the race and support one of the two remaining candidates after this week.

The GOP presidential hopeful who are part of the debate tonight in Miami, Florida on CNN include Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich.

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The debate is very entertaining tonight. When Donald Trump asked if he will not accept public donation to fund his presidential campaign he said, “I have not made that decision yet”. He went on to add that he has already turned down about $275 million during the primary debate on fox news last night

On the other hand Kasich looks more political than any other Republican hopeful. When asked why shouldn’t the person with the most delegates get the GOP nomination. The Ohio governor says “math doesn’t tell the whole story in politics” and says “let’s not get ahead ourselves.”

On the other hand Donald Trump says that whoever gets the most delegates should win, and says “make me president” when Cruz starts talking. Cruz says he could be president of the Smithsonian. Cruz says only he and Trump have a path to the nomination and points out he has defeated Trump in eight states so far. “But I beat him in 13 contests,” Trump says.

CNN moderator when asked Trump how he will reign in his supporters. He’s asked whether he his tone has invited this violence. “I hope not. I truly hope not,” says Trump, who goes on to defend his supporters’ anger over what he called bad trade deals and job losses. He adds, “We have some protesters who are bad dudes…They are swinging, they are really dangerous.” “I certainly do not condone that at all, Jake,” he adds in response to the initial question.
On the other hand Marco Rubio whose stock is going down now and who is a Cuban-American, says he would like the U.S. relationship with Cuba to change but it would require the Cuban government to change. Trump says, “I want a much better deal” with Cuba. Cruz, whose father is from Cuba, says he would break off the U.S. relationship with Cuba if he is elected president.

March Rubio when asked what he would do to help military veterans as president. He mentioned the V.A. accountability bill he worked on with House Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman Jeff Miller of Florida and said he also gives Sen. Bernie Sanders “credit” for the legislation. Sanders previously served as the ranking member on the Senate panel.

On Palestinian Israeli question Trump says, “There’s nobody on this stage who’s more pro-Israel than I am,” he says, adding that he has made “massive contributions to Israel,” but needs to stay neutral in a negotiation in order to make progress. He says he would love to give revived peace negotiations “a shot” and would make it a priority as president. Rubio says Trump’s stance is “an anti-Israeli policy” and says the Palestinian Authority “is not interested in a serious deal.” Kasich says it’s true that the P.A. is inciting violence against Israelis and adds he doesn’t believe there is any “long-term peace solution” between Israel and the Palestinians.

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