Who won debate on Fox News: Smaller hands, smaller ***** and what not

Who won debate on Fox News: Smaller hands, smaller ***** and what not

Who won debate on Fox News: Smaller hands, smaller ***** and what not

It was a four cornered debate last night. The Republican presidential nomination fight seems to have come a long way. From seventeen presidential hopefuls we have now merely four people who are left to fight it out after more than a month of grueling primary season.

Last night the four candidates including Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich were involved in a tough debate that at times became very dirty indeed. The candidates seem to be pouncing on each other trying to belittle others and attract as much attention to them as possible.

With the huge number of tuning in to hear and watch the Republican debate, there is no surprise that candidates do their best to impress the audience to win more supporters.

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donald trump vs marco rubio

Nonetheless there are some candidates who despite doing well in debates fade pretty fast as they didn’t do ground work. The debaters try to impress their students as much as possible.

The same was true of Republicans last night. The GOP candidates in the 2016 presidential election insulted, interrupted and fought with each other for two hours in a prime-time debate broadcast live by Fox News from the Fox Theatre in Detroit.

The debate last night on Fox News will be remembered for hundreds of insults that the four candidates hurled at each other in just two hours’ time. From the start, the candidates hurled personal insults, made crude jokes and tried to shout over each other as front-runner Donald Trump tried to hold off hard-hitting challenges from Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and John Kasich. After about an hour of bitter sparring, Cruz said, “Let me just ask the people at home: Is this the debate you want playing out in the general election?

Rubio was the first person who took Republican front runner head on. “For this last year, Donald Trump has basically mocked everybody with personal attacks,” Rubio said, adding, “So if there is anyone who has ever deserved to be attacked that way, it has been Donald Trump.”

The debate went on to become dirtier than you could think. Rubio said he would rather talk about issues, and Trump agreed. But then Trump referred to recent attacks Rubio made about his “small hands.” “He referred to my hands,” Trump said. “If they are small, something else must be small. (But) I guarantee you, there is no problem. I guarantee.”

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