Who won Republican debate last night? Why GOP becoming so divided, Polls results (video)

Who won Republican debate last night? Why GOP becoming so divided, Polls results (video)

Who won Republican debate last night? Why GOP becoming so divided, Polls results (video)

While many people thought that the last debate on Fox News will be a direct encounter between Donald Trump and Fox presenter Megyn Kelly, but it was not. Nonetheless people didn’t miss the entertainment that the evening provided. From small hand to small private part -though it was not said openly- the debate had it all and much more.

While presidential debates should be about issues confronting general public who these leaders ‘want’ to serve, of late the Republican debates have tended to be fights and accusations against each other.

While the moderators tried their best to keep the debate focused on issues, they are not expected to control people like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. The candidates were asked about issues that included tax reform, immigration, the federal deficit, the Affordable Care Act, the federal minimum wage and foreign policy in the Middle East.

republican debate on fox news last nightThe GOP candidates in the 2016 presidential election insulted, interrupted and fought with each other for two hours in a prime-time debate broadcast live by Fox News from the Fox Theatre in Detroit.

If you talk of online polls, most polls suggest that Donald Trump won the Republican debate last night. A latest survey suggests that Donald Trump won 71.98% people’s backing as the winner. He got 8,948 votes while John Kasich was said to be the second best performer with 18.23 percent or 2,266 votes. On the other hand Texas senator Ted Cruz according to this particular poll got 5.92 percent backing and 736 votes followed by Marco Rubio.

As far as online surveys are concerned, Donald Trump tends to win all the surveys. Nonetheless people watching the debate tend to have a very different view about them.

Last night’s GOP debate was the first since this week’s Super Tuesday primary elections in which Trump won seven of 11 contests. Voters in Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana and Maine are the next vote, with primaries on Saturday. It was also the first Republican debate without retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who said he would no longer participate in the events, signaling a possible suspension of his campaign.

The moderators tried their best to keep the debaters under check. Early in the debate, Rubio was asked about breaking his promise not to make vulgar jokes and personal attacks during the campaign. Though Marco Rubio attacked Donald Trump and the billionaire businessman answered in kind, it was Ted Cruz who stood out as extra ordinary debater. “For this last year, Donald Trump has basically mocked everybody with personal attacks,” Rubio said, adding, “So if there is anyone who has ever deserved to be attacked that way, it has been Donald Trump.” Rubio said he would rather talk about issues, and Trump agreed. But then Trump referred to recent attacks Rubio made about his “small hands.”

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