Who won Republican debate : GOP CNN poll results testimony of Trump support upswing

Who won Republican debate : GOP CNN poll results testimony of Trump support upswing

Who won Republican debate : GOP CNN poll results testimony of Trump support upswing

Washington: Donald Trump faced the combined onslaught of his opponents last night in the most intense Republican debate this primary season. This was the time when Marco Rubio took his gloves off and attacked billionaire businessman, trying to go for a straight knock-out.

Though he didn’t really succeed in his efforts, it showed without doubt that he has the wherewithal to manage a meaningful confrontation with the real estate mogul.

If Marco Rubio was unrelenting in his attack against Donald Trump, there was another adversary who tried to stump Trump Friday night. Though it is not true that Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio teamed up against front-runner Donald Trump at Thursday night’s Republican debate, they clearly tried to box him individually as much as possible. Cruz questioned Trump’s conservative credentials in a debate that reflected the increasing urgency of the two senators to take down the billionaire businessman before he becomes unstoppable.

donald trump vs marco rubioIn the course of the debate when Trump faulted Rubio on a deal to purchase a $179,000 house, Rubio shot back that if Trump “hadn’t inherited $200 million, you know where Donald Trump would be right now? Selling watches in Manhattan.” Trump took a personal attack against Cruz, touting his own ability to get along with others and adding: “You get along with nobody. … You should be ashamed of yourself.” Both Cruz and Rubio said that Trump had to pay a $1 million fine for illegal immigration hiring.

The language of the debate was no different than the other nine debates conducted by the GOP. The Republican candidates were asked as to why they haven’t released their tax returns as promised. The GOP’s 2012 nominee, Mitt Romney, suggested that Trump was holding back because there was a “bombshell” that would be revealed. Taking on Trump’s declaration that he’d build a wall on the Mexican border, Rubio said “If he builds a wall the way he built Trump Tower, he’ll be using illegal immigrant labor to do it.” Trump asserted that even though officials in Mexico have said they won’t pay for his planned wall, “Mexico will pay for the wall.”

After being silent and refraining from attacking Trump, Cruz increased his criticism and argued that Trump would not be an effective opponent against Hillary Clinton in the general election. Cruz went on to say that Trump’s plans to negotiate a solution to the Mideast conflict, “he thinks Palestinians are a real estate deal.”

Nonetheless many analysts believe that Cruz was clear winner. A report while talking about his latest debate performance says, “Cruz watched — and I do mean watched — as Rubio turned the race into a two-man contest between he and Trump. Cruz was strangely absent from the main back-and-forths of the night. To the extent Cruz was able to get into a debate with Trump, he spent his time hitting the real estate mogul for making past donations to Democrats. Cast me as skeptical that that line of attack will work…Cruz looked like the third wheel in this debate — a bad place to be with March 1 just five days away”.

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