Who won GOP debate 2016: Sen. Ted Cruz competes with Donald Trump others marginalized

Who won GOP debate 2016: Sen. Ted Cruz competes with Donald Trump others marginalized

Who won GOP debate 2016: Sen. Ted Cruz competes with Donald Trump others marginalized

While Donald Trump may be the front-runner to bag the Republican nomination, but the competition is no longer looking like one-sided. There are a couple of other Republican presidential hopefuls who are giving him tough fight.

Sen. Ted Cruz seems to be increasingly threatening Donald Trump and his supporters with immense debating skills and the understanding of issues. Nonetheless the debate last night showed that Donald Trump seems to have learnt his lessons well. He was much more composed than previous few debates where he seemed to have struggled in the face of strong opposition. Carly Fiorina and Jeb Bush lorded over him in the last few debates.Donald-Trump

Cruz was very impressive in the first half of the debate and he showed his debating mettle in many ways. But Cruz didn’t concentrate on Donald trump alone. He attacked Obama and discussed inernaitonal issues in detail. The senator from Texas opened the event by talking about the U.S. sailors recently detained by Iran. “Today,” he said, “many of us picked up our newspapers, and we were horrified to see the sight of 10 American sailors on their knees, with their hands on their heads. … I give you my word, if I am elected president, no service man or service woman will be forced to be on their knees, and any nation that captures our fighting men will feel the full force and fury of the United States of America” said he.

His debating skills attracted admiration from political analysts who claimed that he is certainly a tough opponent for Donald Trump. Tara Setmayer says, “It’s no secret Sen. Ted Cruz is an excellent debater. We saw the gloves come off early. He eviscerated Donald Trump on the “birther” issue in a well-prepared, methodical way. Cruz rattled Trump in a way we hadn’t seen before. He extracted an admission from Trump that he’s only going after him now because of how close the polls are, and that if he lost, he’d happily “go back to building buildings if this doesn’t work out.” It made him look petty.

Laura Belin is also full of praise for Cruz. “Sen. Ted Cruz came to South Carolina prepared for battle and left with hardly a scratch. All the Republican candidates vowed to rebuild the military, but Cruz built a narrative arc, from an opening statement evoking 10 American sailors on their knees to a closing promise to service members, police officers, firefighters and first responders: “I will have your back…During the inevitable clash with Donald Trump over his status as a natural-born citizen, Cruz gave the master of insults a taste of his own medicine, mocking Trump for raising the issue because “his poll numbers are falling.” Trump insisted the question was legitimate but spent the remainder of the debate mostly promoting himself, rather than challenging his main rival in Iowa” says Belin.

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