Whitnet Houston’s daughter: Is she dead or alive

Whitnet Houston’s daughter: Is she dead or alive

Whitnet Houston’s daughter: Is she dead or alive

Nick Gordon, the boyfriend of Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown is still trying to find a way to see his girlfriend. Despite his wayward behavior in the past, he and Kristi lived peacefully for years together. Now it is surprising to see Bobby Brown banning his entry in hospital premises and his refusal to let him see his girlfriend.

Bobbi Kristina Brown may never have any idea as to how desperate her boyfriend was to see her while she was in rehab center.

Nick was himself in a rehabilitation center to get rid of his depression and drinking issues that he has been facing following what happened to Whitney Houston’s daughter.

bobbi kristina drown
On 31 January, Kristi was found unconscious and unresponsive in a bathtub at her home in Atlanta. She was taken to hospital and it was the last time he saw her. He was not allowed the entry in Emory University Hospital where she was under treatment and he hasn’t been allowed to enter the hospital. The same is true even now.

There are reports that Nick Gordon is desperate to meet her and is fighting to seek permission to meet Kristi who still remains unresponsive at a rehabilitation center in Atlanta.

There is no denying the fact that Nick Gordon has come out an improved person from the rehab. A source told People Magazine, “Rehab was a success for Nick. He did very well and cleaned himself up. Now, he just really wants to see Bobbi Kristina…It’s hard for him not to be able to see Krissy. He wants to see for himself how she is doing…He only has third-hand information and doesn’t know any more than what the media has been reporting”.

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