White House staff lose weight, thanks to First Lady!

White House staff lose weight, thanks to First Lady!

White House, these days is a very healthy place to be in. The credit for this wave of better health among all those who spend part of or most of their life in the presidential place goes to first lady Michele Obama.

Morrison, the white house cook has lost 30 pounds in 18 months and has maintained her weight and health in great shape. She said about her first lady, “She is a great inspiration for me to focus every day to try harder, and I have.”

Michele Obama is an active campaigner to bring down child obesity rate in America. With her health-conscious lifestyle and one of the fittest bodies among all first ladies, Ms Obama is an inspiration for many, most of all for those who live in close proximity with her life – White House staff.

And like Morrison, the entire kitchen staff has lost more than 110 pounds. Morrison, despite being surrounded all day with the best food in the US, has lost 30 pounds from her 5 feet 5 inches frame. And she is keeping it at bay, too.
And so have her kitchen colleagues. Executive chef Cristeta Comerford, 44, is 15 pounds lighter and said, “Mrs. Obama’s campaign helped the group recognize our poor eating habits.”

Assistant chef Adam Collick,46, lost 30 pounds. All of the kitchen staff used to guzzle on 20-ounce coffee cups topped with whipped cream drizzled with chocolate syrup all day and would often keep cans of Red Bull lined before them that would be consumed throughout the day.

They would have desserts with every meal and never think of exercise. Now they drink a gallon of water everyday, eat fruits instead of desserts and stop after two cups of coffee and exercise an hour on most days.

Collick insists that maintaining the routine is the most important thing. He said, “Once you see the changes in your body and the way you feel, it’s going to make you want to keep doing it.”

And being chef and containing what you eat is no easy matter. Collick said that there are few food-free functions — you have White House receptions and dinners for hundreds of visitors to lunch for President Barack Obama and a guest in his private dining room off the Oval Office. The chef has got to taste the food all the time.

And Collick informs, “If not careful the chefs can easily eat an entire meal just by tasting their way through the work day.”

Comerford adds, “We’re preparing really good food so it’s really very easy to just snack all the time.”

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