White and gold or blue and black: The dress makes $77 suit most sought after

White and gold or blue and black: The dress makes $77 suit most sought after

White and gold or blue and black: The dress makes $77 suit most sought after

The dress that has kept us all wondering for the last several days has one hero. It is the man who created the blue-and-black, white-and-gold dress (depending on your view). He is now being hounded, to his delight, by people from across the world.

Many women are eager to get the same dress no matter what, and then there are men who want the same dress to impress the girl(s) in their lives that they love them the most and they will go to any length to please them.

This is the reason that people behind the most talked about dress in the entire history of clothes, weaving and marketing are so much delighted. The demand is so high that they are unable to meet it. Nonetheless no one is actually complaining as this dress seems to have done a sort of magic for them.white dress blue dress or gold

There is no denying the fact that even in his wildest dream Peter Christodoudou never really imagined that one fine day he will become a talking point across the world. He said that when the director of his company’s warehouse department called to tell him about how the dress had gone viral, he thought he was going to give him the worst news. “I froze,” he recalls. “I thought our building had burned down” says Peter. The $77 dress has given them millions and millions of dollars worth of publicity.

While talking to a newspaper Christodoulou said that they are also unsure about the color following the controversy. “ I’ll tell you, to put it into perspective, we had 20 people in our office looking at the photo this morning. Three out of 20 see it as white and gold and 17 see it as blue and black. However, included in those 17 people was the managing director (Peter himself). Consequently, there is no longer any dispute” says he.

In the meantime he says that his company’s website that gets around ten thousand visitors daily all in a sudden has started getting hundres of thousands of daily visitors. “After I got that call this morning, I rushed in to the office as soon as possible. Social media was going nuts, we started getting phone calls from every news channel in England, and we’re still doing interviews, particularly our fashion director. It has been absolutely nuts all day. Our site normally has about 10,000 people a day visit, which we’re quite proud of. It looks like we’re going to go in excess of a million today alone” he goes on to add..

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