Where’s my refund? People disappointed with the IRS website glitch


    They have been disturbed with the Where’s my refund tool. People are badly disappointed with the IRS website glitch

    The IRS website had been facing technical glitches recently that had sent users panicking. A tool named ‘Where’s My Refund’ on the website had malfunctioned, that had affected the results of those trying to find out about their refund status. However, IRS was quick to state that a ‘vast majority’ of refunds are still being processed within the typical time frame.

    Those who had filed their tax returns online through the IRS website try to find out when their refunds was due from the tool ‘Where’s My Refund’, just as they did last year at the Illinois Department of Revenue in Springfield, Illinois.

    The glitch in the refund tool also caused much consternation because April 17 is the IRS filing deadline for 2011 taxes.

    The IRS has assured that the tool, a quick way for tax filers to check the status of their refund, will be working again within days. However, the technical glitch is still to be fixed after four days.

    The problem being faced by taxpayers is more to do with lack of information. When they filed their returns electronically, they did receive an acknowledgement electronically, but the tax agency’s own tool for tracking the refund states on further search that it has no information about the return.

    The IRS states that despite the error message that states that no information has been received, the refunds are being processed within the typical time frame, whether people are expecting them to arrive in the mail or by the faster method of electronic deposit. The refund typically reaches the income-tax payers within 10 to 21 days of hitting “send” on their return. It is just the information tool that has malfunctioned, and no data is actually lost as mentioned in the erro message.

    In a n online message following the tool malfunction, the IRS stated, “This is a temporary situation, and we expect to resolve the matter in a few days. The IRS is taking steps to update information so that Where’s My Refund has current information.”

    The technical glitch has gathered some extra ominousity around it because the glitch coincided with a release from IRS that contained an annual list of computer scams that taxpayers should be wary of. Thankfully all these scams are from outside the IRS.

    The glitch has occurred owing to a new system that has been incorporated to handle millions of tax returns filed electronically, a number which is growing daily.

    The list that IRS mentioned recently contained some warning to those filing online taxes who try to cheat the US Treasury out of money that is owed, such as by making “frivolous” (and illegal) arguments when filing your return.


    1. It has been 21 days since I filed my E-file and still no information. This is getting to be a joke. It seems that it’s not being take too seriously by the IRS.

    2. I guarantee if i had their money, they would not accept my excuses as to where it is. If my computer had a glitch, i am sure that would not fly with the irs either!

    3. this is probably just a lie to buy the irs more time. Theyre probably out of money just like the rest of our state and local goverment. I havent heard anyone say they received their refund but ive read hundreds of post saying they havent.

    4. This is sort of ridiculous. How can such a large government agency be so disorganized. I filed on the 4th with Jackson Hewitt who informed me it would only take a couple of weeks. I’m still waiting. I’m sure I’ll he waiting beyond the 21 day range like other people seem to be. This is not ok.

    5. Mine has been over 21 days as well, and this site has been giving me the same error / nothing is found since I first filed. It has been more than a “few days” down. A friend filed his three days before me and got his refund within a week. I haven’t been so lucky, and I’m honestly starting to get worried.

    6. It’s funny how quick they are to take money when it’s owed to them, but how long it takes for them to pay you the money that’s owed to you. Go figure.

    7. filed on the 4th of feb no information on the wheres my refund site your right they are not taking it serious.

    8. I just was told I should have a date in 24 hrs yea right. It’s been a month today. Not everybody lie on there taxes.

    9. Okay, so it finnally said I would receive it on February 21st and if I didn’t receive it on that date I should call. So I called and they let me know its just an “estimated” time and “that’s all the information that she has!” -____- its not even funny how anonyed I am! I LOVE how I hang up the phone with the IRS with no questions answers!

    10. Last Saturday was my 21 days since I received my tax return acceptance email, and still no money in my bank account. Awesome.

    11. I filed electronically for my boyfriend and I both on the same day. I received my refund 14 days after and we still can’t get any information about his. (23 days) This is getting ridiculous!!

    12. Most years electromic filing and auto deposit takes 6 to 8 days. This year it’s been 15 and counting. What’s up ?? The website “Where’s My Refund” is useless.

    13. This is rediculous. When you pay a tax payer extra money to file for you electronically to get you money quicker than filing on paper, and the irs screws up and ends up and sending you your money the same time frame that you would get your refund had you filed on paper, then the irs should send you a refund for the money you paid to get it quicker. it’s completely rediculous that the irs doesnt have any information about your refund, yet if you owe the irs 5 bucks, thier all over you. thats the screwed up irs for ya.

    14. 4 days??? Try over a week it has been down. I was suppose to have my money deposited into my account on the 15th and I still can not get any information. This is unacceptable. The sit should have been fixed by now and tax payers should be able to get answers,

    15. yep we filed the 3rd and still nothing. Ive read tons of articles about people who arent getting their refunds when expected. Its awful. You cant get a human on the phone. They are juts lying about the time frame to receive refunds. It deff is delayed. Ive talked to many many people who are facing the same exact issue.

    16. IRS’ definition of “temporary situation” is three weeks. I am waiting to see their definition of “a few days”.

    17. Same deal… it’s been 21 days… nothing… very simple return. Nothing showing up on Where’s my refund.

    18. It is all bullshit. I guarantee you no one got their refund in 10 days. The IRS is just lying to us just like every politician in Washington. If they would just tell the truth instead of lying people may be more understanding.

    19. Same here, 4 days my ass its been like 20 and still not working, just another example of our government not having their shit together. Who can trust what they say when all they do is lie.

    20. Tell me about it I filed back on january 15th and still no check its a total joke. God forbid they miss a week of pay from us. such a double standard

    21. Thats a bunch of bull shyt i know of plenty people that file fake returns and got the return but a person that really work thos is wat they do smdh i file jan 20 and i still ant got mines yet they said by march 23 we a se smfh at the irs it’s my fuckin money and i need it now lolzzzzz lbvfs nbs !!!!!

    22. This has never happened before in all the years e-filing. I’ve gotten a date of feb 28, then switched to 22, but for the past few days, it’s stating it’s just getting processed and may be up to 6 weeks, and no more date of expected refund. How misleading is that?

    23. Feb 2nd i did my taxes on turbotax with the card. They say 7 to 14 .days n irs says 10 to 21 n both have past n nothing. But two years ago i owef $11 n they showed up at my job one day afyer i filed. They owe me almost 6gs so wtf

    24. Was in the same boat as everyone else who filed around 2/4. However today, for the first time. The WMR site actually acknowledged that they have my refund and that I should expect my deposit on, or before March 6th.

      Crossing my fingers that they finally have the site fixed, and curious to know if others are seeing the same thing I am.

    25. This is bullshit. First they gave me a date of February 26th, now they say before March 6. Why is this genereic date being used for so many people? Is it another smoke screen?

    26. After waiting almost 3 weeks to see even as much as an estimated date as to when I might see my refund, I finally got a date a few mins ago for March 6th. That’ll put it at a month and 3 days after taxact said the IRS accepted my return. So year round the rich get richer off our taxes, and the middle class struggles to stay out of the lower class, and the lower class gets government funding and food stamps, and those that actually want to try to get somewhere in life have to struggle their whole lives. My return was supposed to be $969 in federal,and they’re just sittin on it, because of a “computer glitch” how in the world do they not prepare for these things, they have almost what 8 months each year to prep. for this rushed tax season, and they screw us every year! It’s the ones that legally pay their taxes and try that get screwed, those that don’t really rely on that money don’t have to worry, but I’ve got bills to pay, and my company I work for has cut all of our hours so their end of the year results look better, so I’m sittin on $26 dollars now and that’s gotta last me another week and a half. I don’t know what I’m going to do.

    27. I got the same generic date as everyone else. March 6th.. Dont understand how I filed on Feb.3rd and they just acknowledged it today and everyone I know who filed after me already got theirs.. So Frustrated!!!!!!!!!

    28. Same here, I filed on 2/5 and i checked the site today and it gave me a date of March 5th. And that is not good either because there are bills to pay and now I will have late fees. I will never depend on the irs refund tool again cause you never know they might decide to just keep your money.

    29. Filed on 12 feb; on 20 feb the irs site said refund will be sent/directed deposited into my account on 21 feb. Its now 22 feb and no direct deposit into my account….WTF IRS….like people have mentioned, if we owed you sorry assess $1 you would be on our door steps threatning us to pay that $1 or garnishing our paycheck. Guess ill be joining the “21 days or more where the f@ck is my refund club”. Dam our govt. is screwed up!!

    30. Wow, linda ridiculous. Filed electronically on 2/8, and was told refund by 2/15; however, no refund to date. After nothing on 2/15, was told 2/21….. nothing…then told 2/28….. this is really bad.

    31. Like many, I filed in the first week of Feb (2/3/12) through TurboTax. For days, WMR reported it had no information. Then, around Feb 15 it reported a date of March 6. On Sat. 2/18 it then changed that date to 2/21. Short lived optimism as that day has come and gone. Still nothing in the bank as of the today (2/22). I think the dates are a joke and have no real value.

    32. 21 days now n still nothing. I could understand if theres a delay or whatever but the thing that really pisses me off is i know 5 people that filed over a week after i did and they got there refunds over a week ago!? Even tho we all filed with turbo tax with direct deposit. Wtf is that it should be first to file first to get ur refund right!? Ahhhh soo frustrated!! And of course i cant get any answers from irs or website, im startin to worry my refund got stolen or sumthing:( .. why do they say call if u dont get in 10-21 days if they wont do or tell u anything??? N why would they take care of people that filed later first… NOt FAIR!!!

    33. Just checked the website. We filed our return on Feb. 3rd. It finally says we will recieve our refund on or before March 6th.

    34. I just checked the site and it’s still NOT working for me! This is ridiculous! I HATE the gov! They r lazy!

    35. I too filed on the 3rd and was told by the lady at the IRS I should receive mine by the 24th as that is the 21 days but on where’s my refund its sayin by march 6th! I mean are they that dis organized, come on now if I owed them money they would be all over it! This is ridiculous!

    36. I filled electronically on 01/31, it was accepted by IRS on 02/02, The Where’s my refund site has not worked in my favor since day 1(sucksssss),I phoned IRS @ 1-800-829-0582 and the rep told me they still have up to Feb 23rd to process it,(3 weeks by then) however if I haven’t received a direct deposit call them back!!!!!!!!! I’m like whattttttt that’s unacceptable………….. Sooooo I guess I’ll have to continue to W~A~I~T, for the unknown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    37. I efiled my taxes Jan.27 and Where’s My Refund said I’ll have it from Feb.6-17.
      I got my state on 7 so I know there is nothing wrong with my bank account but beyond that nothing. I haven’t reached my 21 day mark but by reading everyones remarks, it’s not looking too

    38. Just so you all know the companies that file you’re tax returns( H&R block etc) are not a part of the gov. They are just a private company taking your money to do your taxes and file electronically for you. they say you will get your return in so and so amount of days but their is really no guarantee because they cant control delays etc by the feds. So for all of you that paid extra for the DD (cough laugh) im sorry but you should have read the fine print of the paper the tax preparer had you sign “there is no guarantee”

    39. Filed mine electronically on the 5th of February-got a confirmation that said it should be deposited the 15th of this month. Guess what- no money yet-and the sight and the phone line show no info. And just to top it off my car decides to need repairs and I am awaiting tax money to take care of it. Joy joy- guess I will get our money someday?

    40. I filed back on Feb. 5 and was given an projection date of Feb. 22. Well… I haven’t received the money I over paid to the government! A few years ago I owed the IRS and it seems that I was receiving a letter from them every week! I had to pay extra for interest and penalties. I think the IRS should pay taxpayers interest for holding your money all year. Now taxpayers are waiting on they money and I think the IRS owe for penalties.

    41. Just so everyone knows this problem goes both ways. I filed on 1/26 and owed money sent return and paid my taxes on my card. Received a letter today asking for money to pay the taxes that I already paid. My wife’s refund is now 28 days and no sign of it.

    42. THis a joke all my friends had there money within about 10 day’s they all filed two weeks after me so sad.

    43. Many people act as if we have won the lottery when we get our refund. It’s OUR money! Really IRS? Ridiculous. I count on that money for a variety of NEEDS not WANTS. Thanks again IRS

    44. I’m in the same boat as many of you others. I am so freakin mad at the IRS, knowing that people are in a effin rut, you’d think they would get people their money out fast, but hell no. I also have to pay into state, do you think those mother effers will except my late payment? F no! It’s all a bunch of BS and I do think we should be compensated for THEIR lame ass mistake.

    45. For all of you who are logging onto the “Where’s my Refund” site, don’t trust the date they give you! I was supposed to receive my refund on the 15th of February according to “Where’s My Refund.” That day came and went, with no refund. Then this past weekend, it was switched to “You should receive your refund on February 21.” That was yesterday, and as of today (the 22nd) still no refund. So if you get notice that you’re getting your refund on March 6 or any other particular day, don’t count on it!!! You might get it that day, you might not. So far, the IRS has given me two dates that I was supposed to receive my refund, and neither one was correct. I’m not just assuming I’ll get my refund SOMETIME in March. Hopefully. The IRS is doing itself a HUGE disservice by giving people bogus information, and not to be overly dramatic, but Congress should look into this. Several people desperately need this money, and it does no good for anyone for the IRS to keep giving these filers phony deposit dates.

    46. we havent got ours either filed 2/3 was to get it on 2/15 now say 3/6 no later…yea right! this is crazy my vans engine caught fire 2/1 no vehicle now my son has autisum and goes to therapy! i have had to cancell! i need my money to buy another car for my sons therapy n doc.appt! i just want to get him on his squeduel again! god bless all u all i know u all need it too! hope its there soooon……

    47. I am finding myself in the same boat as many of the people that have already left comments. It says that your refund should be available “up to” 3 weeks and here it is 3 weeks for me and I still do not have my money. I just want to know seeing as I am a former IRS employee and I know that the hiring process is over, when are you guys going to offer overtime to the representatives so that you guys can start processing these refunds? I would rather hear that you guys are behind on processing refunds instead of lying and stating that it will be available on a specific date and it won’t!! At this point, I just want the truth and F*@k all the other stuff!!

    48. this is some BS…everyone i know including myself hasnt gotten theyre taxes on the day they claimed it to b in our accounts…whats so funny is that every week theyre still making sure they get theyre money from my check that i stand on my feet for…i hope someone is more upset with the irs than i am and finds someway to get them back for this…

    49. Well, the Where’s My Refund gave me a date for Feb.22, now it say’s did I file my return paper or efile?? No return on file!!! (Lol) Have to find some laughter though it all and know that GOD has our back and not man, and that GOD will send it on time!!

    50. Filed on Feb. 6. Received acceptance on Feb. 8.

      Still no refund.

      Today is Feb. 22. I checked ‘Where’s My Refund’ page on IRS minutes ago and it says that I should expect my refund by Feb. 21. YESTERDAY!

      Suffice to say … no refund.

    51. I dont want to complain because the fact that we can now have the ability to not only e-file but to also check the progress of our return is pretty nice. The part that I have an issue with, me being in the technology field, is I bet there are overpayed morons working for the government to “fix” this glitch.. This is people’s lives your messing with and even worse, money. Get your stuff together and hire someone that can do the job properly.

    52. I e-filed on the 6th and I checked where’s my my refund a week later and it says no information received and then last week it says I will get my refund on the 15th…NOTHING…then checked again it says by the 28th and then today I checked and it says is in process and my refund will be deposited within six weeks…..RIDICULOUS!!!

    53. I filed my taxes on Feb. 3rd. It has been 20 days and counting!! I was told by my tax preparer that the irs sent them a email. It said people who filed between feb 2-6 would get their refund the week of Feb 27th. That is past the 10-21 day time frame they said we would get our refund in despite of the delay we would still get in it betwwen that time!! They r still lieing and making excuses! I even got on Where’s my refund?, and it is working finally and it said I would recieve mine by March 6th, what the heck is going on. I am going to loose everything I got, I really need my money!!! Please someone let us know what the problem is, this is worrying me to death!!!!

    54. I agree, the “Where’s My Refund” site is full of crap. It said I was supposed to get my refund yesterday, but here it is today and the site STILL says Feb. 21st. Sure, they might be in a rut, but hellloooo… I’m in a rut paying my bills every single month but they make sure they still get their taxes out of my paychecks and if they didn’t, I’d be charged late fees. They have had a year to prepare for this tax season… it’s the same time every year. So they need to just quit giving lame ass excuses as to why people aren’t getting their refunds when they say they will and just start doing their job and get it done.

    55. Hey All,

      There is a common thread running among all the disgruntled. It seems there was a system failure for those who filed the last week of January through the first week of February. I happen to be one of those. My original date was February 28th and to my surprise was switched to February 21st. Of course, no refund but it is interesting how everyone’s information matches within the same timeframe.

    56. ok people we all no the gov is a joke they lie about almost everything. The rich get richer and the poor gets everything taken away from them. like myself i have put so much of my belongings in the pawn shop and because of our lazy gov im going to loose most of my belongings because im waiting for my hard earned money. my sweat was for nothing i bust my ass this past year just to get the irs to play around with my money. the way to stop this foolishness is to organize and not file taxes for the year 2012. now people i no some of you think thats crazy but if the people react to this crisis the gov is doing and we hurt them i promise this wont happen again. we need to make a stand people show them that we make this fuckin country not the gov. thats the only way to get them to listen. now if an irs agent gets gunned down because what they are doing will they listen? no they will cover it up and continue with the bullshit. lets organize people we can do it lets make a stand!!!!!!!!!

    57. The site was working for me till today!! now it is saying it can not find my information even though for the past week i have been getting the message that i should get my refund by……March 6th.

    58. I filed for my girl and I on January 28th, I filed mine first then her’s they were both accepted the same day. She got her refund on February 8th, exactly 11 days later and guess what I’m still waiting on mine. I just don’t get it, HOW DO TWO PEOPLE FILE AND GET ACCEPTED THE SAME DAY BUT NOT GET THEIR REFUND IN THE SAME TIME FRAME?

      The funny thing is my girl got back thousands of dollars because she is still in undergrad I’m only getting back a few hundred bucks. Go figure, the person thats getting back the most gets their refund first…

    59. I filed my taxes on Jan.19,2011. Got a date of February 7th that did not change as you know that date don came and gone my return is 35 days in still waiting this is sum bullsh**t. I cant even get a date now its just processing atleast you all have a date.

    60. Pretty much reading deja vu here. To the person who stated ‘At least you have a date’, the date is arbitrary and means absolutely nothing. Like most I filed on 2/6 and it was accepted the same day. For an entire week I could not use WMR because it couldn’t find my info…Strike one. I called concerned obviously with the system acting like I hadn’t filed, it raised a flag. I was assured it was received and was ‘processing’. A couple days later WMR was giving me a 2/28 date. Then it changed to 2/21 but still has it as ‘processing’. I called my bank on 2/21 to ensure there was no pending deposit, which of course there wasn’t. I called the IRS on 2/22 for an update and was essentially told WMR was useless. My refund was still processing and to call if it was not in by 3/1. WMR still shows 2/21 and I had to jump through hoops just to talk to a human… This whole process has been frustrating and the fact you get general info that has no use just adds to it..What a joke!

    61. The problem has been fixed and I should receive mines on monday. Wmr is also working and,is giving out the exact date this time to most.

    62. Filed 2/3 accepted by IRS 2/4 with refund anticipated by 2/15. It’s 2/23 and now I’m told will be deposited on 3/6. 33 days from filing. So much for 21 days at most. I think the glitch was not limited to the where’s your refund tool. Seems processing has a glitch as well. I called on 2/21 and was at first told my refund could not be found and was asked to call back and speak to someone who could research in MEF tool. I called back, waited on hold another 25 mins, and finallly was told that my refund was received and there are no problems but with new security features you can’t compare one persons time frame to another. People are being randomly selected for further review as part of the new security programs. I think those selected are the ones with delays n WMR tool problems. No fair!! But who said the IRS was fair right?

    63. It did work for the FIRST time this morning (Feb 23rd), told me they had received the return but gave me a date of March 27 (I sent in my return on Feb 6th by FedEx) to get my return. I just tried it a few minutes ago and got the standard “You may not have entered your information correctly. Please verify your personal tax data and try again.” This site is NOT fixed by a long shot.

    64. wmr is not working correctly. It say it can’t find anything I must have enter information incorrectly. It’s been three weeks and counting.

    65. Yeah, not sure why someone said it was fixed because it isn’t…Until you actually GET a refund don’t count on the date it gives, mine still said 2/21 as of TODAY before it locked up due to checking it over 3 times today. This entire scenario is hog wash and the IRS rep I spoke to said WMR isn’t working correctly.. The worst part is you get a bunch of generic, noncommittal info from a rep which just adds fuel to the fire…

    66. Yay….. Finally! As soon as I got the date of 2/27 on wmr, and just checked my bank account and fiiiiiiiiiiinalllllly got my federal refund.

    67. i agree with all of you that have this problem. i did mine on the 24 of january and still haven’t recieve nothing, is being more than a month and still nothing.

    68. My WMR got uodated back to no date and still no deposit…went from the 28th to the 21st to now blank…This is just ridiculous at this point..For those waiting over a month…I’d be on the phone going WTF??

    69. Well I’m back to no date and allow up to 6 Weeks…I like how the timeline keeps evolving…we went from UP TO 3 Weeks for efile to now this… After working for a bank there is one thing you don’t want to mess with and its people’s money…it is a flash point issue..the IRS is just lucky we can’t do anything about it. My main problem is I don’t even know of there is a prob with my taxes and they are so inefficient I wouldn’t know until a month and a half later. If they would be fired.

    70. We filed on January 13th I guess that was a bad date….It is march and I do not have a date NOTHING, just says it is being processed. I called and they says they will talk just with my husband ……………

    71. I filed Jan 20th and mine says that its being processed and that I should receive it by Feb 7th due to delays…Still no money its March 1st..Anybody else??

    72. we filed Feb 3rd and have nothing.NO information on WMR…though it once said February 16th and then it chanced to February 27th now it just says its been recieved and is being processed…I have called they have NO information except we would /should recieve on or by the 27th of February..I just gasped and said Do you not realize today Is March 5th? So now what..She said she did not have any info to wait another 3 weeks and call back!

    73. Same here. I filed on January 21st and still no return. The “Where’s my refund” tool is a bad joke that is becoming stale now.

    74. finally got ahold of someone with answers NOW she says we had our return pulled and its in the resolution department.It had NO mistakes but has to go to another dept for review ,and they have up to 45 days to get it to you!!!! I hope its a joke but sheesh..we have been married 25 years have NEVER had a prpblem and now this …what a joke

    75. I filed my return on feb 3rd . It was an efile and I paid a tax person $150. WMR is still telling me it has no information on my return. This is so frustrating. I actually had somebody tell me they cheated on their return and already received it! How crazy is that? I just want information. Its not too much to ask. If you owe them money they threaten you with jail time!I need this money to survive. I look forward to this every year. I have 4 kids and a wife to support.

    76. I checked WMR today under my husband ss# which appears first on our form..NOTHING.I checked under my ss# now it says due to proccessing delays youll recieve it by the 20th…so who the heck knows this is crazy! Its teh firstl time there has been a updated date under mine not sure why it is that messed up i guess…

    77. Well I’m still in limbo heh over a month on an efiled return and I know no more now than I did Weeks ago… I’m starting to think this is a sick joke of sorts.. Conflicting info ALL over the place. I’ve been told my return was accepted on 2/6 and 2/9.. I’ve been told they are doing a sweep due to my 2005 return but there were no balances, are you fing kidding me? Then I was tools last week no I’m not under review or audit..so who the hell knows what is going on. I find it ironic the return one rep had said was in question was when I was in the military serving overseas IN a combat zone heh. Some reps seemingly can’t count weekd one tried to tell me the 26th of March was 6 Weeks, uh no the 19th is…. I am really sick and tired of their delaying tactics and information.. An e-filed return with a married/joint making LESS THAN 36k last year should not take this long, geez!!

    78. This is just a sad state of affairs, I truly hope the IRS is embarrassed, ant colonies are more organized than they are. So for me it’s been past six weeks now, and I’ve had no update. Each time I check it still gives me the six week time frame. I filed Jan. 28th and still nothing. I am getting very impatient, please just put something in there. Say you lost your red stapler, or you didn’t pay your ISP and they turned off your service, something other than the typical six week

    79. To think I paid extra to E-File both my Federal and State Taxes back on [3/08/2012]. I Paid $94.50 ,so to get my refund faster and “Automatic Deposit”. Ha! Ha!
      On [3/09/2012] I had even received my email confirmation, indicating both my Federal & State were received and approved. My Refunds would take about [8 to 15 days]to Deposit.

      OK! Well, on [3/15/2012]my State Refund Deposited!:)

      :[ As For my Federal Refund…Well my refund date has changed 3x.

      As of [March 18,2012 ]the IRS has changed my refund date AGAIN!
      My husband & I always file Joint.

      On The IRS Web Site,
      If I type in my S.S. # [my refund date now shows >[MAY 1st]
      If my Husband inputs his S.S. #, [The refund date show April 27th]:<

      As for filling my Federal Taxes,it's taking as long as if I would had mailed in my taxes for FREE. Guess I paid Extra for faster service for my Federal Refund for Nothing!!!!!Thanks H & R Block!!!!!!

      Hey, I'm just wondering then????
      If the Glitches are the excuse of the IRS Delaying Refunds,…would that then mean,the IRS wouldn't be so quick to reconize those who may owe for taxes or for who files late??? :/

    80. my husband filed his taxes in or around jan 25th and we having been checking the irs site everyday and nothing has changed it just still say your returned has been accepted but is still being processed. You tell me what are we to do or do we have anything to look forward to.

    81. I think they are totally lying to all of us and not giving any direct answers only that they are being processed. I bet if we owed them there would be no computer glitch. By the way I was accepted 02/29/2012 and it is excuse me 04/11/2012 5:00pm. By my calculation that is oh my GOD 6 weeks.

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