Where’s my refund? People disappointed with the IRS website glitch


They have been disturbed with the Where’s my refund tool. People are badly disappointed with the IRS website glitch

The IRS website had been facing technical glitches recently that had sent users panicking. A tool named ‘Where’s My Refund’ on the website had malfunctioned, that had affected the results of those trying to find out about their refund status. However, IRS was quick to state that a ‘vast majority’ of refunds are still being processed within the typical time frame.

Those who had filed their tax returns online through the IRS website try to find out when their refunds was due from the tool ‘Where’s My Refund’, just as they did last year at the Illinois Department of Revenue in Springfield, Illinois.

The glitch in the refund tool also caused much consternation because April 17 is the IRS filing deadline for 2011 taxes.

The IRS has assured that the tool, a quick way for tax filers to check the status of their refund, will be working again within days. However, the technical glitch is still to be fixed after four days.

The problem being faced by taxpayers is more to do with lack of information. When they filed their returns electronically, they did receive an acknowledgement electronically, but the tax agency’s own tool for tracking the refund states on further search that it has no information about the return.

The IRS states that despite the error message that states that no information has been received, the refunds are being processed within the typical time frame, whether people are expecting them to arrive in the mail or by the faster method of electronic deposit. The refund typically reaches the income-tax payers within 10 to 21 days of hitting “send” on their return. It is just the information tool that has malfunctioned, and no data is actually lost as mentioned in the erro message.

In a n online message following the tool malfunction, the IRS stated, “This is a temporary situation, and we expect to resolve the matter in a few days. The IRS is taking steps to update information so that Where’s My Refund has current information.”

The technical glitch has gathered some extra ominousity around it because the glitch coincided with a release from IRS that contained an annual list of computer scams that taxpayers should be wary of. Thankfully all these scams are from outside the IRS.

The glitch has occurred owing to a new system that has been incorporated to handle millions of tax returns filed electronically, a number which is growing daily.

The list that IRS mentioned recently contained some warning to those filing online taxes who try to cheat the US Treasury out of money that is owed, such as by making “frivolous” (and illegal) arguments when filing your return.


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