BY | February 18, 2012

New York: (NVONews.Com), There is trouble brewing with the Internal Revenue Service website’s where’s my refund tool these days. The tool that lets users know of the time of a refund has been malfunctioning and giving tax payers using this service, no end of trouble.

Noticing these problems the IRS has posted on its website, “We are aware that some taxpayers who have filed electronically and received an acknowledgement from the IRS are concerned when they visit ‘Where’s My Refund’ and are told that we have no information regarding their return. This is a temporary situation, and we expect to resolve the matter in a few days. At that time, taxpayers will be able to get an expected refund date when they visit ‘Where’s My Refund’.”

What actually happened was that during the first month, when people start filing their tax returns, the IRS issued tax refunds about a week later than it initially told people who used ‘Where’s My Refund’ tool. However, not all who used the tool were affected. Only those who filed their taxes electronically between Jan. 17 and 25 and chose direct deposit for their refund were affected by the glitch.

When the error was noticed in late January, the IRS January the IRS said that delay “relates to fine-tuning IRS systems to adjust for new safeguards put in place this tax season to provide stronger protection against refund fraud.”

The explanation was posted because the error was supposed to have been fixed by the 26th of January.

Julie Miller, TurboTax spokesperson, said this Friday, “What the (tax-preparation) industry is hearing is that IRS has a legacy system and a new modernized e-file system and the latest problems are related to the new system. The IRS is aware that the Where’s My Refund tool that gives you an estimated date for your refund has been intermittently not working. It is supposed to update every 72 hours, that doesn’t consistently happen.”

Typical problem faced by tax payers was that when they filed their online tax returns and went back to check for the refund amount after 72 hours, there was no information. Even If they waited some more time, the refund information failed to be displayed. Then there was a general error message that dogged users checking for their refund details.

Concerning this frustrating situation for the online tax payers, Miller said, “The situation is very concerning for taxpayers. We are telling people if you file through TurboTax and you get an acknowledgment that your return has been accepted, as long as you have that you are good.”

The assurance that they do not have to refile their returns is a great relief. It is so because users get scared when they do not find any log or information of their already-filed tax returns, and wonder that the information is all lost. Since this is not the case and the glitch is just a delay instead of lost data, the relief is enormous. It would also be fixed soon, as assured by the IRS.

It was also reported that the source of this error is a system-wide problem that crept in when increased safeguards were put in place this year to help avoid return fraud.


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  • affected filer

    Let me see if I’m understanding this right…because there is a glitch in the ‘where’s my refund’ website that tells filers when their returns are processed the employees at the IRS have a slowed reaction time to sending out returns? That’s like saying sorry your meal is late to the table, the waitress gave us your order, but because the menu is worded wrong we have to stop all food from going out of the kitchen until we can fix the typos. That’s just bad business…

  • Mary

    We e- filed on the 17th of Jan, and we still have not received our refund!! So I don’t know what is going on, but it would be nice to have our money

  • Randy

    We filed our taxes using on 1/31 and everything went smoothe. My partner’s taxes were “easy” and mine had mortgage interest etc. We were getting that error message until yesterday his is OK not and they estimate 3/6, which seems a long time. Mind still says “no record” ugh – so our was filed after the window mentioned in the article and yet we are having trouble too

  • Elizabeth segmiller

    Ive filed my taxes and have not recieved my refund when I go to wheres my refund they say it was released feb 14 th. The tax company says they have not recieved it. Whats going on

  • Deb

    I filed my tax return with H&R Block Feb. 3rd. Was told to expect my refund to be loaded on my Emerald card Feb. 15th. Went on line and found out that I will not receive it till March 6th. Called H&R Block and they were shocked at how far out my return date is. I leave for vacation March 9th. I thought electonic filing was faster. I thought WRONG!

  • carol engler

    My refund was to be paid on february 14, 2012! So far I have not received the refund. How do I find out what happened to it?

  • Jay

    I efiled my return on Feb. 3rd and received that acceptance email. To date, still cannot get information and when you check the return timeline information it says I should have received my return on Feb. 15th. Still don’t have it. And, I can’t get any information at all. It’s beyond frustrating.

  • Eric

    I filed on February 2nd and suppose to relieve it on the 15th, after a week I finally was able to see they received it, but it says I wont get it until March 6th.

  • Melinda Arrington

    We filed our taxes with Jackson Hewitt on Feb 01,2012 . I went on where’s my refund 02-12-12 and it said we was to get our 02-14-12 but we still haven’t got it. Now where’s your refund says we wont get it until 02-22-12 what the hell ?? People that filed after us have already got theirs..

  • jo

    I filed Feb. 3rd with a expected deposit on the 15th of Feb. Still nothing. It’s a shame that if I OWED THE IRS anything, they would come after me and charge me outrageous interest and penalties, yet here they sit not saying a word that it will be delayed, and what do I get? NOTHING. THE IRS should pay ME an interest on the money they owe me! Delay my ass! They probably don’t have the money to pay people! What a joke this system has become. Can’t trust the IRS, the Fed Reserve, the US Politicians…and then they wonder why crime gets committed? Are you kidding? Monkey see Monkey do!

  • Michael

    Efiled through turbo tax on feb 4 2012 and still no return. Have not been able to get any info on where’s my refund.

  • Rog

    i have had the same problems as everyone else! Feb 3rd filed and was told the 15th its the 18th now was told by IRS the 24. now if ANYBODY owed the IRS money there would be a penalty for being late. should charge them 25% on the dollar for holding my money up. the government is broke writing hot checks!


    I just want my money!! Its been over 3weeks and the website is not telling me any information on where my check is. I had plans with that money and now i don’t know when or if I’ma a get it. This blows!!!!!

  • jesse

    that is nuts! i filed on janurary 15th and got my refund 3 days earlier than H&R blocks estimated date. The irs just likes me better!

  • Melanie

    I e-filed my taxes on Feb 3rd also, using H&R block. I received the confirmation email that it was accepted on Feb 4th. I have not been able to get any information from the “where’s my refund tool?” either. My projected date was also Feb 15th. On the other hand I filed my parents taxes over a week later using turbo tax, and the “where’s my refund” has their information and a projected deposit date around Feb 21st. SOOOOO not fair! Their taxes had a lot more complicated issues than mine–ie, disability, unemployment, ira distributions, ….to name a few. I hope it comes soon, I need that money to pay my STATE taxes!

  • Dave

    First off for the people who have problems with the wheres my refund website, just call the number. Sometimes the website will lock you out and it will appear it went from having a date, to saying nothing. Also know the difference between when it says there is an expected date (rough guess) or if it says a specific date, or if it has been deposited.

    I got the Turbo Tax card and opted to get my Fed Return DD to that.

    The IRS has direct deposited my refund, and all the account numbers, and routing numbers are fine, and the card is still open and in only my name, and the return is in only my name, but there is NO ACTION ON THE CARD.

    Nothing pending, nothing posted, nothing at all.

    I am extremely pissed since I would’ve had the money had I chosen to have it deposited somewhere else. Turbo Tax essentially has scammed their customers big time. The bank that issues the cards is the BanCorp Bank, which has no physical offices, and they transfer you to turbo tax support if you call them. Turbo Tax has no information on banking!

    There needs to be a class action for these fraudulente practices.

  • http://irs Julie F

    Filed my refund on feb 3rd (electronically) went on irs website they say I should get this by March 6th? I guess they don’t care when they pay is!

  • Penny

    filed electronic 02/03/2012 with Turbo Tax and received the email that the Federal was accepted. The “where is my refund” page still says that they have no information at all on my refund. Troubling…guess others are having the same issue…still need my money.

  • Beatriz


  • D. Martinez

    I filed on January 19. Using Tax Act and E-Filing with direct deposit. 3rd year I have done that, usually no problems at all. It is FEBRUARY 19, and I have NOT received my refund. The “Where’s My Refund” link Does not do anything for me. I try to call…..that only makes me IRATE..I can’t get a LIVE person on the phone. IRS needs to pay all of us interest for the stress and aggravation…ridiculous. AND THEN…those who filed after me….(not some of you guys, but I know of many) have RECEIVED their refunds. Who does that?
    If you are at a restaurant and the fryer goes down, you do not fix it and send out the NEW orders without first taking care of the old ones. That is horrible.

  • thomas

    I filed my returns with h&r block Feb. 3rd and was told like most that it should be dd in 2-3 weeks….well after not receiving any calls or emails about the recent “glitch” I found out the hard way and then later discovered that I will get mine on march 6th. However I’m still hopeful that I get it sooner than that I do believe that the irs should be working in 24 hour shifts until they are caught up seeming how that is what happens at my job if we get behind and they should be no different. They want their money you owe them within a blink of an eye but when they get behind (like they do every year) they want to blame it on a glitch. I thought you had to know what you were doing to work there but apparently like many other govt institutes only idiots work there.

  • http://ElectronicFiling Sara

    I filed mine on 2-2 with Jackson Hewitt I was suppose to get it 2-17 & still nothin very fustrating but I was wondering would the IRS reps tell me more info or would it be the same info like their automated service?

  • brittany

    The irs has to get their programs working and now. I have looking at blogs after blogs of hard working people being screwed over including myself by all of this. I don’t understand why there is no news coverage about this. If everyone in the country didn’t file a tax return we would all be screwed. Everyone is getting different dates and different reasons and it’s not fair. everyone just wants an answer a truthful answer.

  • Val

    this is straight BS. I filed on 1/29… said it was received initially and now cant get any information. Called the IRS and I get the run around after being transferred and disconnected twice. It’s a damn shame that they don’t act the same way when we don’t pay our taxes. Then they hound you. This is for the birds and the sad part about it is that we cant do a damn thing about it. And they wonder why people act the way they do. HELL I NEED MY MONEY JUST LIKE WE ALL DO!!

  • Nick

    Well I filed in office at HR block and chose to have money on emerald card, they said it would be on there feb 15 2012 ( I filed on feb 2 2012) needless to say never got my money on 15th, IRS website kept telling me that had no info on my refund since the day after I filed, yesterday it finally told me march 6th I should get it, I checked again this morning and it said it will be deposited on the 24th, so keepin my fingers crossed and I will update on the 24th to let you all know what happed because nobody on here ever updates which would be nice to see if people who have been waiting for so long actually got their money when they were told they would, so check bak on the 24th and I’ll let u know if my emerald card has my money!

  • sandy

    filed four returns for all my kids…three already got refunds one is lost in limbo (filed February 6th)…the IRS rep said the problem is caused by safegaurds that were put in place to protect against fraud and receiving credits that people were not eligible for- educators credit- tuition credit and for those filing form 1040A…they should so scrutinize big business and politicians…and federal agencies starting with the DoD…

  • Karey

    I too had a Feb 15th date for the emerald card thru h and r block and was told the 24th for deposit onto the card. Let’s both update on the 24th when we check so others can know what to expect.

  • DD

    I filed on Jan 19th…. accepted same day… was expected to direct deposit on Feb 6th…. no deposit… then the “where’s my refund” said they deposited on Feb 8… Lies! I have been to my bank ( B of A) twice…. been to H & R twice… H & R says they can see that my refund has not been funded…. now how in the hell can they see that? Today the “where’s my refund” says the Feds know nothing about my refund…. I’m pretty pissed!It’s my money … & I want it now!

  • Asleigh

    I filed on Jan. 19 first dd date 2/1 then 2/7 its now 2/20 and still have no refund and keep getting no answers from Irs. Wmr been saying dd daye of 2/7 still and 800 tells me the same thing2/7 . Its way pass 2/7 ..

  • mike

    i filed my taxes february 2nd and still nothing. called em and they keep giving me the run around saying its still processing. honestly guys look how many people are affected by whatever is happening . something not right i have a bad feeling about this.THEY DONT HAVE THE MONEY TO PAY US ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!

  • Ebony

    As an American I cannot believe the sub-par service from the IRS. They cannot even face the Media and explain to the American People what, when and why. I assume some of these people may have DEGREES IN GOD HELP US WHAT??? The joke is on the American People. I think that “employers” should not take out any taxes on people–let people keep all their money. Oh well, then what happens? We have people in charge that gets a government paycheck, hates government and plays the American People Tax Refunds? YOu know they do not give a hoot about the people that suffering and waiting on their money. You would think it is coming out of their personal checking account. The IRS has sad track record on performance!!! They know when the Tax Season Begins-yet every year they wait until the 11th hour to come up with some kind of we are afraid of the IRS being ripped off!!! So let’s take a playground break. This agency should fire everybody in the building. Please Americans let make this the last year — SUB PAR PEOPLE ARE IN CHARGE OF OUR TAX REFUNDS!!! God help us!!!!

  • rosi

    Dude I am upset,angry,and most of all Fustrated!!!I did mine 1/16.I completly understand it was a holiday so they sent them in following day 1/17.3 days after no info on where is my refund every week after that until last week had info that I should recieve my refund on 2/21.Hello!!! today is 2/21 and nothing.I owe bills and irs is making me look like a liar when I say I still haven’t recieve mine and everyone I know that did them after me has and already have their refund deposit or even sent by mail.

  • T=Lady

    I am too very upset. I filed on Feb.4 and was told the 15th of feb. then it was offset to the 22nd and now after checking WMR for 3 weeks it has just told me that it will be March 6. I am so upset right now. I have bills that I really need to pay and was really counting on that money to catch up. Its amazing how they hold us to a standard, but yet it does not apply to them. I owe money as well and I am being made to look like a liar. Others I know have filed after me and have received their refund, what is the DEAL?

  • kim long

    well i filed on feb 4th and i receive a tex message stating my fund will be direct deposit on 2/21/2012 i filed at H/R and has of 2/22/2012 the funds has no posted or is not in my acct. i am going back to H/R today to find out what happen.

  • kim long

    well i filed on feb 4th and i receive a text message stating my funds will be direct deposit on 2/21/2012 i filed at H/R and has of 2/22/2012 the funds has not posted or is not in my acct. i am going back to H/R today to find out what happen.

  • rosi

    i am giving you guys an updated on my statues and direct deposit doesnt have anything posted or being approve,i am so worried i have called to different irs numbers and nothing same date”you should recieve your refund by or on 2/21″

  • britt

    I filed feb 4 i have no date nothing it was suppose to be feb 15 the irs tells me if its not dd by 27 call em back i want my money!

  • britt

    Has anyone that posted before got there money yet?

  • Nick

    UPDATE : JUST GOT EMAIL MY FUNDS WILL BE VAILABLE 1 am local time!!! Will let you all know if it does for sure come in

  • Nikki

    I have also been waiting…we filed with HRB on Feb 3rd. I went onto the IRS site and was given March 6th! My husband got his yesterday deposited into his bank acct. We are supposed to be leaving to go on our 2nd yr anniversay trip in the am and I was really hoping to have money by then! This sucks…so if anyone gets theirs put on the Emerald card and we filed at the same time, will you please update!?!?! Thanks:)

  • Paul Flockhart

    Filed on Feb. 13th. Checked the “Where’s my refund” site Wed. Feb. 22nd and it stated that it had no info. Checked again yesterday (Feb 23rd) and it stated I should have received my return on the 21st. I didn’t. I have verified that the routing number and account number of the bank account that I want the funds deposited into is correct. I’m in a holding pattern at this point.

  • Nick

    Finally got money on emerald card, filed on feb 2 was told if hav it by the 15th, then said march 6th, then I was told it would be on there today the 24th and it was indeed on there, your money is coming people trust me I was in the same boat as all all of u I thought I was never getting this money but I finally did!!

  • Jeff W

    I filed electronically through turbotax on the 4th of February, the IRS excepted it the 6th of February. Every time I go to the irs web site the status changes from can’t find you to you will get the refund on the 27 feb, 6th of march and so on. As other said I need my money now. I would have less of a problem with it if the status did not change constantly.

  • Karey

    I got mine too (filed on 2nd and accepted on 3rd) – Checked WMR on 19th and it said money would be there March 6th then checked again on 20th and it updated to 24th. Turns out that WMR is now accurate and the money will be deposited on that exact date it gives you – unless it changes and with luck gives you an earlier date. It was malfunctioning the majority of this month but seems to have been fixed. If you did the Emerald card thru HR block you’re going to get your money exactly on that WMR date early that morning. If you opted to have direct deposit in your bank account you may have to wait another 5 days while your bank plays with your money. That’s the only reason I did the emerald card this year cause last year my bank held it for 5 days even though it was deposited on WMRs date. Hope this helps – people need to update like this once they do get the refund so others can know what is actually going on.

  • Regina

    I filed feb 22,2012 through turbo tax it was accepted by the irs the same day 72 hrs later i checked the wmr website to see when can i expect my dd an it stated mar 13th 2012 est. then i checked again an it said mar 6th 2012 now its mar 7th 2012 and its saying we have no information available about this refund please wait 3wks b4 contacting us wtf is going on they need to get there ish together ugh.