Where is Subway’s Jared Fogle? Neighbors say he is not seen since FBI raid

Where is Subway’s Jared Fogle? Neighbors say he is not seen since FBI raid

Where is Subway’s Jared Fogle? Neighbors say he is not seen since FBI raid

Subway suspended its spokesman Jared Fogle following the police raid on his home two days ago. The man who has gone on to become the face of the restaurant chain famous for its giant subs and sandwiches across the world is now being haunted by the media that is trying to find out as to why his house was raided by Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Reports suggest that the FBI guys scanned all his electronics in the giant sized truck that was kept in his courtyard for hours. This was a long and tiresome process and reports suggest that Jared Fogle was there while the whole operation was underway.

Now there are reports that Jared Fogle’s foundation may suffer from an uncertain future for this sudden and extensive search operation undertaken by the Federal Bureau of Investigation officials.subway jared

The search comes merely two months after one of his associates at the foundation was arrested on child pornography charges.

Right now there are reports that Subway hasn’t severed its ties with its spokesperson and has just just suspend its relationship with him while the investigation runs its course, and reassess the relationship after all the facts are known?

There is no denying the fact that Fogle’s association helped Subway the successful brand that it is today. Tim Calkins, marketing professor at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management while talking about this aspect says, “Brands are shaped by perceptions…The longer that people mention Jared in the same breath as child pornography, that’s a huge problem for Subway.”

The implications of association with someone with porn accusations are going to be tough for the company. A Gawker report says, that the raid and the arrest doesn’t come anything like surprise. The report goes on to claim that while in college he used to supply all the porn they could handle. According to a Best Week Ever exclusive from back in 2007, while at Indiana University, Jared ran a black market pornography rental service straight out of his dorm room.

From Best Week Ever:
His porn collection was vast and extensive, and Fogle took his business pretty seriously. A video would run a patron a dollar a day (cheap!), and people would come from all over to take advantage of the deal. Needless to say, Jared had enough porn to keep his customers happy.

He has been instrumental in the success of the restaurant chain. Reports suggest that Fogle has appeared in more than 50 commercials for Subway, that has boosted the company sales substantially. Many people say that he has been a golden hen for the company. A New York Daily report says, “Over the years, Fogle was gold for the company. Subway expanded to 44,027 restaurants in 110 countries. The private company became the third-largest restaurant chain in the United States, with sales last year of $12.3 billion, according to Nation’s Restaurant News”.

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