When will Mars rover Curiosity move its arm again: Update

When will Mars rover Curiosity move its arm again: Update

When will Mars rover Curiosity move its arm again: Update

Mars Curiosity rover is facing an existential challenge at the moment. The rover that has been traversing the Red Planet’s surface for the last three months has seen its drill suffer short-circuits.

To be true the drill has been one instrument that has been the busiest ever since the van sized rover landed on the Martian surface. With the drill suffering short circuits experts believe that the drilling job will become not just difficult, but also sort of impossible.

Mars Curiosity rover has been digging the planet ever since it handed there. It will be very disappointing news for both experts and laymen to know that the rover will no longer be able to drill the hard rock that would have answered many unanswered questions about its atmosphere and presence of water there.

mars rover curiosityMars Curiosity rover is actually a very expensive venture. Though the issue is not expected to kill the Mars Curiosity mission, which cost $2.5 billion, but it will create a challenge for the program. NASA officials claim that the rover for the last several months has been experiencing short circuits in its robotic arm.

While talking about the development NASA said the ongoing regular short circuits could hinder its ability to drill rocks. The problem first emerged on Feb. 27 when a surge of current caused the rover to stop what it was doing and await further instructions from NASA.

While talking about how the issue appeared, researchers claim that rover conducted a test after the power surge and retraced its steps to the point where it had begun shaking the sample and had discovered no problems, leading scientists to conclude that it was a short circuit.

Right now the Curiosity rover is very close to the base of a mountain stretching 18,000 feet into the Martian sky.

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