When is the next GOP Republican debate: Fox News debate, date, time, live streaming details

When is the next GOP Republican debate: Fox News debate, date, time, live streaming details

When is the next GOP Republican debate: Fox News debate, date, time, live streaming details

Donald Trump missed the last Republican debate on Fox News. Will he miss the next debate on Fox too? This is a question that has one unanimous answer, no.

The real estate czar is not going to miss any debate due to the importance such debates have played in attracting voters. In the last Fox debate just before Iowa caucus, Donald trump had refused to appear on the debate and paid a huge price.

Despite leading all the surveys and polls, the billionaire businessman flopped in Iowa caucuses and Ted Cruz went on to win Iowa despite no polls showing him leading in the state.
donald trump vs marco rubio
Donald Trump later said that he will not miss any debate and admitted that his loss in the Iowa caucus may have a lot to do with his absence from the Fox debate.

In the meantime, analysts are sure that this debate is going to be all fire. Marc Rubio gave him a very tough time in the last debate the last debate, there are telltale signs that he will do everything to belittle and expose him now. This is going to be now and never not just for Marco Rubio, but also for Ted Cruz who seems to be ceding the grounds to the real estate czar.

There is no denying the fact that the forthcoming Fox News Republican debate is going to be the last chance for Trump’s Republican rivals to turn around what appears to be the unstoppable trajectory of Donald Trump toward the party’s nomination — a juggernaut that Republican party leaders have suddenly become desperate to stop, after failing to take Trump seriously until he walked away with the South Carolina Republican primary last Tuesday. It must be kept in mind that Rubio used last week’s Republican debate to launch an all-out attack on Donald Trump, as seen in the video below.

But the last debate was not the only time Rubio attacked the Republican front runner. He had prepared for it in his rallies by naming and shaming Trump. Even following the debate the verbal brawl continued on the campaign trail for both men into Saturday, often degenerating into what The New York Times called “playground insults,” with Rubio slamming Trump as a “con man” and the billionaire ridiculing Rubio for excessive sweating and “big ears.”

In the meantime there are clear signs that on Super Tuesday, Trump will win by huge margins. According to the polling averages compiled by Real Clear Politics, Trump is set for a massive victory on Super Tuesday. While Ted Cruz is ahead in his home state of Texas by 7.2 percentage points — with Trump still well within striking distance — Trump leads in every other state where significant polling exists. In Virginia, Trump leads by 15 points, and in supposedly liberal Massachusetts, the World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame member holds a crushing 26-point lead over second-place Rubio. So things are rather very clear now as to which way things are moving.

The 11th Republican presidential debate of the 2016 race will feature candidatesDonald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and John Kasich squaring off in Detroit. The debate is being run by Fox News. Here is a look at what you need to know heading into the next round of GOP primaries.

WHAT TIME IS THE GOP DEBATE? The debate will start at 9 p.m. EST and will last two hours.

WHERE CAN YOU WATCH THE DEBATE? The debate will air on Fox News and will be live streamed online at

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