WhatsApp voice calling now blessing for Android users

WhatsApp voice calling now blessing for Android users

WhatsApp voice calling now blessing for Android users

As Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) says that it is going to come out with guidelines for OTTS like WhatsApp and other similar services, the mobile messaging giant has said that WhatsApp Voice call is available to all Android smarthpone users. It has also said that no more invites are needed for availing the service.

Earlier someone who was on the loop or who had got the invite could make call to your smartphone to enable you use the service. But this is no longer required. Now you need to no longer wait for that elusive call from a friend or acquaintance to be able to talk free on WhatsApp.

The feature is so great that it is going to bring millions and millions of new users to WhatsApp. The lure of free call is great and it will make the mobile app even a bigger success than social networking giant Facebook that actually owns the service.

whatsappThere is no denying the fact that the invite system was to ensure that WhatsApp is not taken off guard. The company wanted to gauge the reaction from its user base towards the new feature. From now onwards it is available to all Android users in the country. reports suggest that the new feature has been rolled out to the Android platform.

To be able to talk free on WhatsApp you need to update your WhatsApp, and not to the (v2.11.561) but now to v2.12.19. To download the update if your Play Store hasn’t prompted you yet, you can head over to APK Mirror and download the file or if you want to play it official then go to the WhatsApp Website to download it.

After actually downloading the update .apk file needs to be installed and this will only be possible if you have allowed your phone to install from Unknown Sources in your phone’s security settings. After the installation is complete you will see the changed layout whereby it will now be housing a call tab, which shows your logs.

You can call anyone while chatting, WhatsApp will warn you if the person on the other end has a compatible version or not and those that are offline will receive a missed call notification.

So from now on head over there to download and update your WhatsApp instead of dropping your phone number or email address in comments to receive the invite. If you are on iOS then you may need to wait for a little bit longer as there is indication that it may be headed towards Apple’s platform as well.

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