WhatsApp voice calling feature invite a malware scam: Beware

WhatsApp voice calling feature invite a malware scam: Beware

WhatsApp voice calling feature invite a malware scam: Beware

WhatsApp calling feature is the most talked about feature in the tech circles in India. The mobile messaging app that announced the launch of calling feature on it, has the whole of country seems to have got excited about it.

Even though it is not the first app to offer free mobile calling facility –there are at least half a dozen apps in vogue –but it is creating more excitement merely due to the fact that it is the best app in its class. India alone has more than ten percent of all WhatsApp users. There are around 100 million registered users, out of which as many as 70 million are regular users of the app.

But scammers are working overtime to destroy people’s enthusiasm in the new calling feature. There are now definite reports that scammers are actually targeting users with a spammy link masquerading as WhatsApps calling feature.

whatsappMany people are receiving messages with texts ‘Hey, I am inviting you to try WhatsApp Calling click here to activate now’. Nonetheless if you are really eager to keep your smartphone and tablets out of bounds for scammers and hackers, don’t open these links.

A recent report that was carried in the Daily Star says that many users who actually clicked on this spam link will get their smartphones filled with dangerous malware causing the device to run haywire. As users click on the link, they are actually taken to a link of a survey website, importuning as a popular messaging application. The website that is actually a fishing website will ask people to download and install more applications that contain dangerous malware codes.

You are more expected to get a genuine WhatsApp calling feature if you are using Google’s Android Lollipo OS. For people using older version this is still going to be a long road ahead as far as calling feature is concerned.

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