WhatsApp blue ticks’: Android users to disable them effortlessly

WhatsApp blue ticks’: Android users to disable them effortlessly

WhatsApp blue ticks’: Android users to disable them effortlessly. This is going to help many people who were not very enthused by the idea of knowing the sender if they have read the message

I am sure this is going to give many people a smile on their faces. WhatsApp blue ticks’ killer has been launched. Don’t allow sender to know if message is read if you don’t really want to let him or her know it.

A new feature was added to WhatsApp last week that was praised by almost everyone. But within a week of its launch, the company has launched a killer. So now if you disabled the features of two blue ticks appearing on your smartphone or your tablet, sender will continue to guess if you have really read or not read the message.

Reading a message brings host of responsibilities. And by showing it unread or not clearing the air about the message being read, you can keep the sender guessing. I am sure many WhatsApp users who weren’t particularly happy with the blue ticks are going to feel very relieved once again.
People may still be divided on the use of the new trick, but many must be happy. According to the new update, once the message has been read, the double black ticks will turn blue. This might be something new for WhatsApp users but not for other messaging apps users such as LINE and Facebook. It is understood that they have been using it for long. But many users didn’t like the blue tick for obvious reasons. Since its launch #BlueTicks went viral on the social media. It also started trending. If some called it Blue Ticks of Death there were many who even made parody videos of it. Many banged it as they thought that it would not be appropriate to answer after the blue tick appears.

It is understood that many long term WhatsApp users were furious with it. They users were not keen with the blue tick of WhatsApp. The good news for such users is that WhatsApp has decided to make the blue tick optional. Though officially the announcement is to be made the information is only available on WhatsApp’s official website.

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