Google, NORAD Santa Tracker 2015: When can you expect him and how to track Santa online?

Google, NORAD Santa Tracker 2015: When can you expect him and how to track Santa online?

Google, NORAD Santa Tracker 2015: When can you expect him and how to track Santa online?

As Christmas approaches, kids start waiting for NORAD and Google Santa Tracker websites. There is no denying the fact that both these websites are going to be visited by millions and millions of people, mostly kids in the coming days.

NORAD Santa Tracker website has been religiously following the schedule of Santa Claus as it begins its journey. NORAD has been tracking Santa Claus for decades, six decades to be precise along with its predecessor. NORAD website becomes extremely popular with kids who want to keep track of every move of Santa.

Its website starts getting visitors as from early December and peaks when Santa actually starts its journey on Christmas Eve. Nonetheless NORAD Santa Tracker is not alone in keeping track of Santa. Now Google’s Santa Tracker too keeps a close watch on Santa’s movements across the globe.

norad santa trackerThere is no denying the fact that by tuning into the NORAD Santa Tracker you are partaking in a tradition that was started on Christmas Eve in 1955. Santa Trackers 2015 from NORAD and Google start in the wee hours of Thursday morning, December 24, Christmas Eve. Links to NORAD Santa tracker and Google Santa Tracker provided in article below.

Google’s Santa Tracker website is almost as exciting as NORAD’s. The latest Santa tracker website takes a user to Santa’s Village, which has a number of games especially developed for kids and ‘kids at heart’. Some of the exciting games include reindeer racing and skydiving. Besides the search giant has come out with a complete Santa Tracker app for Android and a Chrome browser extension. The company says that its Santa Tracker app has an interesting countdown timer until the eve of Christmas, along with Santa’s scheduled travelling path worldwide and his exact location at the moment. It is amazing that why the search giant has come out with Santa Tracker when there is already a very exciting Santa Tracker from NORAD.

There is no denying the fact that search giant Google has improved its website compared to last year. Now there are opportunities to learn about holiday traditions, the season of giving, and many more aspects of Christmas. Kids can also entertain themselves with a variety of games, and new ones are unlocked every day. It’s essentially a digital advent calendar. But on December 24th, visitors will be able to track Santa’s progress all night.

The search giant’s Santa Tracker has become eleven now. According to The Telegraph, The journey takes Santa “west to New Zealand and Australia, then Japan, over Asia and onto Africa, before heading to Europe, Canada, the US and Central and South America.” On the other hand the NORAD website warns the kids to “keep in mind, Santa’s route can be affected by weather, so it’s really unpredictable. It appears he only arrives when children are asleep.”

Check out NORAD Santa tracker here and Google Santa Tracker here.

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