What time is the next Republican debate tonight: GOP debate channel, start time, watch live on CNN, Telemundo

What time is the next Republican debate tonight: GOP debate channel, start time, watch live on CNN, Telemundo

What time is the next Republican debate tonight: GOP debate channel, start time, watch live on CNN, Telemundo 

Coming merely a few days before Super Tuesday, tonight’s debate on CNN is going to be very important for all the Republican presidential hopefuls. For several people it is going to be make or break and even for Donald Trump, the frontrunner to bag the nomination, it can play an important role.

If Trump is able to continue his sprint towards nomination with a couple of more wins, his acceptance by the Republican establishment will be a fait accompli. With three straight victories and the only loss in the form of Iowa that he missed by a whisker, Trump’s campaign seems to be in an unstoppable momentum.

In tonight’s debate his adversaries will try to expose his week points. Marco Rubio is already trying to expose his shortcomings telling Republicans that merely looking angry is not going to solve their issues. Someone needs to have a plan to run the country and it is he who has a well-devised plan.

He went on to attack Donald Trump by name saying, “The front-runner in this race, Donald Trump, has said he’s not going to take sides on Israel versus the Palestinians because he wants to be an honest broker…Well, there is no such thing as an honest broker in that. Because the Palestinian Authority, which has strong links to terror, they teach little kids that it’s a glorious thing to kill Jews.”

If that was not enough he went on to add, “We cannot have a commander-in-chief that is not ready the first day in office…You can’t just say, the way some people in this race have said — you’ll probably know what I’m talking about in a moment — you can’t just say, ‘Well, when I get there I’ll hire the smartest people and they’re going to tell me what to do…The smartest people are already there. They’re already telling the president what he should be doing. He’s ignoring it. You deserve to know exactly what the next commander-in-chief is going to do”.

If Rubio remains in the same attack mode, the debate will definitely be very interesting. In the meantime there are reports that GOP donors are feeling frustrated by Trump. A report says, “Top Republican donors have shied away from confronting Trump, but at some point the party’s bankrollers may get serious about saving it from a man they view as a catastrophe. If they did, this could represent a serious threat to Trump. Imagine tens of millions of dollars in attack ads blanketing the landscape of primary states…But while billionaires like Robert Mercer and Paul Singer have given generously to candidates, only one superwealthy clan, the Ricketts family, has given a few million dollars to an anti-Trump group. Even the conservative Koch brothers, who are seen as deeply resistant to Trump, have remained on the sidelines”. So far no one has been successful in taking on Trump. Will these super wealthy be able to do just that?

What time is the debate?
The debate starts at 8:30 p.m. EST.
How can I watch the debate?
In addition to the CNN broadcast, Telemundo will carry the debate in Spanish. Salem Media Group, a regular CNN debate partner, will handle radio broadcasts of the debate.
Can I watch the debate online?
CNN will stream a live feed of the proceedings on its website.
Who will moderate the debate?

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