GOP debate tonight what channel, what time: Live blog, who won

GOP debate tonight what channel, what time: Live blog, who won

GOP debate tonight what channel, what time: Live blog, who won

Donald Trump will finally face Fox News’ star reporter Megyn Kelly in tonight’s debate. He had refused to join the debate a few weeks ago claiming that he will not be part of the debate if she was there. Nonetheless now he is going to face the same moderator in a debate that is expected to be very fiery.

Everyone seems to be wondering as to what is behind the success of billionaire businessman in the Republican primaries thus far. He has been able to win the largest number of delegates, eclipsing many Republican old times.

Jeb Bush who was once thought to be the blue eyed boy of the Republican establishment has long disappeared from the fight. The same happened with Ron Paul and Christ Christie.

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Melania TrumpThe billionaire real estate baron now seems well set to bag the Republican party despite the fact that its bosses loath the idea. But they loath Ted Cruz being their candidate even more.

Donald Trump has expressed his open antipathy towards top Republican figures. He also didn’t like the main figures in the party. One was Pat Buchanan, a former Nixon speechwriter who twice attempted to secure the Republican presidential nomination himself – he was accused of anti-Semitism while disputing the numbers of Jews killed by the Nazis at the Treblinka death camp. Another was David Duke; at one point a prominent Republican politician in Louisiana, but perhaps better known as the former Grand Wizard of the racist Ku Klux Klan. Trump left saying, “That is not the company I wish to keep”.

There is no denying the fact that Trump has tried to exploit the anger against Republican establishment simmering among Republican supporters across the nation. Trump has managed to harness a visceral anger in the US, where people feel politicians have failed to deliver on promises, where they are ignored and the system and the economy is rigged against them. A similar anger has helped propel the Bernie Sanders campaign on the Democrats side.
Trump has made anti immigrant, anti-Muslim and anti-Middle East comments. He said there should be a blanket ban on the entry of Muslims in the US. To be true hate has been part of his campaign from the very beginning. He launched his campaign claiming many of the immigrants making their way from Mexico were “murderer and rapists”; he mocked a disabled reporter; he called Iowa voters stupid and dismissed former Republican presidential hopeful, John McCain, a man who was a prisoner of war during Vietnam, as a “loser” because he was captured by the North Vietnamese; he got involved in a spat with the Pope over his plans to build a border wall with Mexico; and he famously announced that he wanted to stop all Muslims temporarily entering the US.

Tonight’s Fox News GOP debate is planned for March 3 at 8 p.m. CST. It will be held at the Fox Theater in Detroit and will be broadcast on Fox News and The debate will also be aired on FOX News Radio and FOX News Mobile.

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