What Time is Democratic Debate Tonight in Flint, Michigan: Start time, TV Schedule, How to Watch Live Online

What Time is Democratic Debate Tonight in Flint, Michigan: Start time, TV Schedule, How to Watch Live Online

What Time is Democratic Debate Tonight in Flint, Michigan: Start time, TV Schedule, How to Watch Live Online

Next Democratic debate is going to be tough. While front runner Hillary Clinton may look self reassured after winning seven states in the Super Tuesday polls, she must be feeling pained by the fact that Bernie Sanders still won as many as four states and close to four hundred delegates.

So the fight is far from over and the septuagenarian Vermont Senator remains firmly in race. He has said that around thirty-five states have yet to decide and vote and he is going to beat Hillary and then the Republican candidate in the presidential elections in November this year.

To be true, no one had thought that the Hillary Clinton will get any challenge, whatsoever, in nomination fight. They were not really expecting such a tough fight from Bernie Sanders, a 74-year old senator. Despite his rise and his good performance in the primary season, Hillary Clinton and her campaign have tried to label him one issue person.

hillary clinton vs bernie sanders 2016The way he has been drawing crowds gives the impression that his stock is rising. He held a massive rally in East Lansing Wednesday night. Later in Lansing Township news conference Thursday Sanders attacked front runner on trade. “A campaign is not just about what you said yesterday. It’s about what you’ve stood for your entire career,” Sanders said. “On one of the most important issues facing millions of working people, Secretary Clinton and I have very, very different points of view.” This past Thursday, he only talked about trade. He has opposed all trade deals, including the North American Free Trade Agreement, because he said they’ve been disastrous for working families.

The debate is going to play an important role in deciding as to who wins Michigan primary that will be held on March 8 merely two days after the debate. There are 148 delegates available to split between the two candidates. Hillary Clinton is expected to take the lion’s share of those delegates. As if March 1, polls showed the former Secretary of State and New York Senator with a seemingly insurmountable lead over Sanders — a lead as high as 28 points in the most recent poll, taken by local TV station Fox 2 Detroit.

In eight polls conducted from February 2 to march 1, Hillary is winning the state primary with huge margin. In the latest March 1 poll conducted by Mitchell Research & Communications, Hilary is expected get 61 percent people’s support, while Sanders 33 percent people’s support.

On the other hand, another survey conducted by Huffington Post This shows Clinton at 60.2 percent and Sanders at 33.3 for Sanders. The Real Clear Politics site’s average shows the race slightly tighter, with Clinton at 55 percent and Sanders with 37.3. But in all the polls, Clinton looks set to dominate the Michigan primary with only a major debate gaffe on Sunday night posing any possible risk.

So in all likelihood the Flint Democratic debate is going to be very exciting. Stay tuned.

When: March 6, 2016 at 8 p.m.

Where: The Whiting Auditorium in Flint

Watch: On CNN and online at

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