What time is Democratic debate tonight: CNN town hall start time, watch Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders live

What time is Democratic debate tonight: CNN town hall start time, watch Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders live

What time is Democratic debate tonight: CNN Democratic town hall start time, watch Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders live

Democratic debate tonight is going to prove very important on CNN. The town hall meeting that will be streamed live on CNN is going to play an important role in convincing Democratic supporters to make their minds in supporting either Hillary Clinton or Vermont senator Bernie Sanders.

Both Republican and Democratic leaders have come to realize the importance of debates held on television and streamed live to larger audience.

Donald Trump who refused to attend Fox Business hosted debate lost Iowa caucus miserably. The loss forced him to go back and be part of the Republican debates. He hasn’t missed a single debate since then and accepted that Iowa loss might have been due to his absence from the debate on Fox Business that attracted around 13.5 million people.

hillary clinton vs bernie sanders 2016In the meantime it must be kept in mind that Saturday’s contest was the first test for the White House hopefuls Clinton and Sanders in a more racially diverse state than the opening contests in Iowa and New Hampshire, which the candidates split. The win has put Clinton’s campaign back on track.
While Clinton’s campaign once saw Nevada as an opportunity to start pulling away from Sanders, her team had anticipated a close contest with Sanders. The victories put Clinton and Trump in strong positions as the 2016 presidential election barreled toward the March 1 Super Tuesday contests, a delegate-rich voting bonanza.
In the meantime the two Democratic hopefuls will head to the University of South Carolina in Columbia for a live town hall moderated by CNN’s Chris Cuomo. Sanders will take the stage first, followed by Clinton. Unlike a traditional debate, the candidates will appear in sequence and answer prepared questions from the network, as well as from South Carolina voters who will be gathered in the audience. The two-hour broadcast will begin on CNN at 8 p.m. ET. It also will air live on CNN en Español and CNN International. Online viewers can watch the event at CNNgo, and radio listeners on the network’s Sirius XM channel.

Sanders has increasingly become a major serious threat for Hillary Clinton. Though she was able to beat Sanders on Saturday in Democratic Nevada caucuses, the small margin of win means he remains a serious threat. She has held a consistent lead over her rival in South Carolina, where African-Americans make up the biggest group of voters. Nevada and South Carolina are more diverse than the mostly white states of Iowa and New Hampshire, which held the first two nominating processes of the election cycle earlier this month.

People seem to have more trust in Bernie Sanders than in Hillary Clinton as people don’t seem to trust her much. Let’s see what happens tonight.

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