‘Weird Hotel’ run by robots opened in Japan

‘Weird Hotel’ run by robots opened in Japan

‘Weird Hotel’ run by robots opened in Japan

This is a hotel like no other hotel in the world. This hotel is owned by humans, conceptualized by humans and for the humans but run mostly by robots.

When you enter the swanky hotel you will be baffled by receptionists, service providers and much of the work is done by robots and not humans.

There is no denying the fact that your amazement starts as soon as you enter it. After walking through the doors of Henna Na hotel, or “Weird Hotel”, a robotic receptionist checks you in. The receptionist that speaks Japanese is a female humanoid with blinking eyelashes.pepper-robot

Receptionist seems to be affable. “If you want to check in, push one”, the dinosaur says. The guests need to use the touch panel to enter their details and press a button to check in, according to Today. A robot cloak room is a special feature of the hotel where a giant robotic arm places a box through the space present in glass for the visitor to store things just like a locker.

The rooms at this robots driven hotel are not very expensive by local standard. ‘I also wanted to do something about hotel prices going up. Rooms start at $80, a bargain for Japan where most hotels would cost two to three times more.

Meanwhile more details are coming out. The concierge is a doll-like hairless robot with voice recognition that prattles breakfast and event information. Robots have always been used here in manufacturing. Security and housekeeping are still managed by human staff. Security cameras, which are monitored by humans, make sure the guests are safe and that no one steals the expensive robots.

“And they still can’t make beds”, said Sawada, who has also engineered the rise of a popular affordable Japanese travel agency.


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