Best Walmart Black Friday 2015 deals revealed include PS4, iPad Mini 2 etc

Best Walmart Black Friday 2015 deals revealed include PS4, iPad Mini 2 etc

Best Walmart Black Friday 2015 deals revealed include PS4, iPad Mini 2 etc

Black Friday 2013 deals used to be confined for that one single day. But now the whole Christmas holiday season, particularly Thanksgiving, seem to have been completely invaded by the Black Friday shopping phenomenon. To many people this is very disturbing.

Nonetheless as the holiday season approaches people start talking about Black Friday more than even Christmas or the holidays. While many people prepare to leave for meticulously planned holidays, others tend to plan what to buy and what not to buy. Then there is another question facing the shoppers and that is from where to buy.

In the meantime the marauding retailers are trying to offer better and bigger deals to shoppers so they can have better Black Friday shopping revenue than they had in the past two years.

ps41Many companies have made some of their offerings public, while others have already started giving good deals on some electronic and non electronic products. Last year, the 2014 Black Friday Walmart ads were 40 pages long. FatWallet is predicting that when Walmart’s Black Friday 2015 ads are leaked we will see a focus on electronics.

Brent Shelton while talking about the shopping season says, “It’s going to be the year to buy consumer electronics…Yes, we say that every year, but the tech market is ripe with newness, leaving last year’s models prime for super low pricing.” As far as actual offers at this moment are concerned, the best iPad Black Friday deal so far is at Walmart, with the retailer rolling back prices for the Apple iPad Mini 2 to just $199. Since the 16GB iPad Wi-Fi model still costs $269 at the Apple Store, that amounts to a $70 discount. This is quite the deal since in 2014 the 16GB iPad Mini only had a $40 discount.

On the other hand, gamers are very enthusiastic. Walmart will offer PlayStation 4 bundle for $299 ahead of the Black Friday deals. A report says, “Currently, on Walmart, PS4 bundle deals are hovering around that price point for the Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and the Star Wars: Battlefront bundle. Based upon history, it is predicted that some of Walmart’s PlayStation 4 deals will drop down to $299, although some retailers may give an extra $50 with a gift card, dropping the net price to around $250”.

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