‘Walk of Hope’ to reach AMU on Tuesday

‘Walk of Hope’ to reach AMU on Tuesday

‘Walk of Hope’ to reach AMU on Tuesday

Aligarh: The Walk of Hope, a Padyatra for peace and harmony by the Manav Ekta Mission – from Kanyakumari to Kashmir will reach Aligarh Muslim University on February 9, 2016 around 4: 00 pm at the Centre of Interfaith Understanding, Sir Syed Academy, Aligarh Muslim University.

Led by Mr Mumtaz Ali Khan also known as Sri M, this ‘Walk’ has already traversed varied landscape of India before its arrival in AMU tomorrow.

The ‘Walk of Hope’ was flagged off on January 12, 2015, on the birth anniversary of the great Swami Vivekananda. Starting from the Gandhi Memorial Mandapam in Kanyakumari, this Padyatra will conclude in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir.

The Walk of Hope’s objective is interfaith harmony and equality for all, sustainable living, women empowerment, community health, education and youth development.

Professor Tariq Ahmad, Centre for Interfaith Understanding, AMU said that the Walk of Hope seeks a significantly restored nation—fit enough to be bequeathed to our future generations.

He added that the idea of this Padyatra is to free society from fear and insecurity. He further said that this Walk seeks formation of an inclusive and participative society where opportunity is given to all and where talent along with effort are rewarded regardless of caste, religion, language, region and gender.

Prof Tariq pointed out that the ‘Walk of Hope’ has so far received encouraging response from all sections of society.

The Centre for Interfaith Understanding, AMU was inaugurated by AMU Vice Chancellor, Lt General Zameer Uddin Shah (retd) on January 26 to mark the bicentenary celebrations of the birth of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. The Centre has been started to foster a culture of liberal views and tolerance.

Prof Tariq said that AMU has taken the initiative to promote interfaith dialogue and encourage understanding between all major religions.

“Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was a social reformer and a nationalist, who believed in having an ethical and pragmatic approach,” he said adding that Sir Syed wanted to bring together distanced communities to live in harmony.

“It would be an endeavour of the Centre for Interfaith Understanding to develop programmes and pedagogies to understand the features of peace building process and offering state of art learning and training opportunity to students from diverse fields concerned with community development,” said Prof Tariq.

The ‘Walk of Hope’ on Tuesday will mark the maiden opportunity to the Centre for Interfaith Understanding, AMU to welcome a significant social movement devoted to the cause of interfaith peace and communal harmony.

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