Virus that can survive in boiling acid can treat human diseases

Virus that can survive in boiling acid can treat human diseases

Virus that can survive in boiling acid can treat human diseases

This seems a breakthrough of sorts. Researchers associated with the University Of Virginia School Of Medicine have concluded after a path-breaking research that virus can be used to treat many human diseases.

Researchers have detailed techniques and manners of a bizarre virus that can even survive in boiling acid. This is going to help scientists associated with the University of Virginia School of Medicine in coming out with a blueprint for fighting many diseases by deploying DNA protected by armor.

They claim that this unique virus could be a key to fighting human diseases in future.

virusIt is needless to say that researchers associated with the study are very excited. Edward H. Egelman, of the UVA Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics says, “What’s interesting and unusual is being able to see how proteins and DNA can be put together in a way that’s absolutely stable under the harshest conditions imaginable, we’ve discovered what appears to be a basic mechanism of resistance – to heat, to desiccation, to ultraviolet radiation. And knowing that, then, we can go in many different directions, including developing ways to package DNA for gene therapy.”

Researchers claim that the newly discovered virus, SIRV2 infects microorganisms called Sulfolobus islandicus. Scientists also claim that the said virus lives in acid hot springs reaching up to 175 degrees Fahrenheit. Egelman while further detailing how the virus acts says, “Some of these spores are responsible for very, very horrific diseases that are hard to treat, like anthrax. So we show in this paper that this virus actually functions in a similar way to some of the proteins present in bacterial spores. Understanding how these bacterial spores work gives us potentially new abilities to destroy them.”

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